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Are you unmotivated, stuck, stressed-out or tired?

The NUMBER ONE trait that's common among the people I work with is uncertainty: They're uncertain of themselves, uncertain about their abilities, uncertain of the future.

Do you:

  • procrastinate on tasks that are critical to your success?
  • feel unmotivated and uninspired about your goals?
  • feel you don't know how to plan your day, week and month?
  • think you have trouble persuading and influencing people?
  • have fears and doubts that keep you from going forward?

Do you have a DREAM? Do you want to go to the next level?


Do you see people everyday who are pursuing their dreams and getting amazing results and you're wondering: Well, I'm a good person; I'm doing my best; I'm just like them. Why am I STUCK?

You can't leave your GREATNESS to RANDOM chance

I invite you to sign up for the most comprehensive personal and professional development program in Farsi available online.

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  • "7 Levels of Consciousness Course" to MASTER your thoughts, emotions and actions
  • "Goal-setting Course" to define EXACTLY your long-, mid- and short-term goals based on the REVERSE LADDER methodology
  • "Influence Course" on how to get people to say YES to you, BUY from you, and BELIEVE in you on your path to achieving your dreams. 
  • And then I'll release all my other courses after the 7-day trial!!!!


After the 7-day trial, I'll release all my other courses for you, including:

  • "Time Management and Productivity": Use the 6*60 formula, the 4D principle and the energy-action model to get things done 
  • "Motivation Course": the PRACTICAL findings of positive psychology on what to do to MASTER your passion and perseverance
  • "Relationship Mastery": How to use the principles of coaching to create amazing relationships and persuade people to take action and say YES!
  • "Use Physiology for High Performance" crash course: What the top 1% know about sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • "Personality Type" course: Learn your personality type and where your talents and strengths lie.
  • "Resilience Course": How to succeed in very difficult times
  • and more!


  • 3 comprehensive workbooks that I only provide to my private clients (value $120)
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Imagine what it would be like to feel motivated, focused and clear about your goals and all the steps that will take you there?

I'll be by your side along the way.

Meet your coach: Dr. Shahab Anari

Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker

"My experience of coaching with Dr. Shahab Anari was nothing short of enlightening. It helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with clear action steps. I am super impressed with Dr. Shahab Anari’s coaching methods."

Kamran Etessam
Business Owner

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Shahab Anari for over 3 months. I can honestly say that the experience was amazing and that he played a key part in helping me change my life for the better. I am truly thankful to have worked with Shahab. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to make positive, sustainable changes life. "

Rinku Singh
Professional Coach

"Dr. Anari provided me with the tools I needed to change my mindset for success. Because of him, I have better vision for my life, I am taking more responsibility and enjoying my life more than ever. I am grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone seeking growth. "

Master's Student

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Mahtab Salehi

Shahab provided me with the skills I needed to make decisions confidently and set my goals smartly. Now, not only am I thoroughly aware of my values and desires, but I also have the courage to pursue them. Thank you Shahab!

Mitra Nosratabadi

Shahab helped me when I was lost and confused after immigration to Canada. Through his coaching, I managed to overcome my fears and doubts and took action to enter the job market and reach the success I deserved.

Arashk Momeni

Shahab provides you with very powerful techniques that gets you thinking and acting in ways that transform your results. Shahab! What you're doing is incredible.

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