Signature Courses and Programs by Dr. Shahab Anari

1-2-3 Get Clients Course

Build a Profitable Business around your Expertise in just 2 Months

In-Person Course perfect for business owners who have just started out

This is one of my most popular courses where I teach small business owners how to build a SYSTEM for their marketing and sales. They'll learn how to clarify their unique promise of value, communicate their marketing messages, and close deals in a systematic reliable way!

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Advanced Get Clients Workshops

Super-effective lead generation and sales by creating funnels

In-Person Workshops great for business owners already in business

This is a series of 5 full-day in-person workshops where I coach and train the students to turn strangers in their target market into loyal paying customers through an engineered multi-step process (aka sales funnels).

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1-2-3 Shine Online Course (in Farsi)

Reach High Performance and Join the Top 1%

A world-class personal and professional development online course (in Farsi)

This 18-part online course focuses in on motivation, time management, overcoming procrastination and higher influence based on my 20 years of study and experience and of course the latest findings in coaching, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

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