2 Major Obstacles to Sales Success

Jan 07, 2019

In this short video, I’m going to talk to you about the two major obstacles to sales success.

Lots of small business owners come to me and tell me about their problems with sales. They tell me that they can’t close enough sales, they’re not bringing in enough customers and clients and they don’t have enough revenue and, honestly, sales is the most underestimated and the most misconceived skill that entrepreneurs should have.

 So what are the two major obstacles to closing more sales and sales success?

 Well, the first one is what I call “belief system” and, by that, I mean the kind of beliefs and deep-rooted thoughts that business owners have around sales and being a salesperson. So many of small business owners when they think of sales and sales people, they think of the used car sales person concept and, you know the pushy sleazy individual who wants to push their agenda on the customer,  grab their money and run away. Well, what if we change this concept and this belief and the definition that we have around sales to a more empowering one. Jeff Bezos says: “We think of our customers as guests that have come to our party and every day we try to make some aspects of their experience a little bit better”. So what if we thought of ourselves as hosts who are trying to make the experience of our customers and clients a little bit better every day. What if we thought of ourselves as advisers and consultants who have expertise in a certain area and are trying the customers and clients to make the most effective decision and the most effective choice. What if we thought ourselves as people in service who are really after the most effective and most economical solution for their customers and clients.

 The second obstacle to sales success is lack of a well-thought-out sales process and in my teachings, I teach the four-stage sales cycle in which we move a "complete stranger" to being a "prospect" and then being a customer of clients and finally being a "loyal fan". This involves taking the time to build the kind of relationship and trust that actually pulls that strangers through this process and turns them into a loyal fan. Therefore, this whole process starts with creating awareness around our brand, around who we are and what we do and, then following up with prospects. People who seem to be interested in what we do and then bringing them into a sales conversation, where we tell them about the values and the benefits of working with us and getting our product or service and, finally we have the techniques to ask for the business and handle the objections. So, this is something that happens over time and it’s a relationship-building and trust-building process.

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