4 Levels of Getting Clients

Jan 05, 2019

What are the 4 levels of getting clients that you can operate on?

I’m going to use the analogy that my mentor Seth Godin uses to depict the picture for you. So let’s suppose that you are in an area where winters get cold just like in Toronto, where I live, and you get pretty heavy snows every now and then and let’s suppose that you are in the snow-shoveling business. You can pick one of these 4 levels of the hierarchy of getting clients and as you climb the ladder to the next level, your business gets better and you can book more business. So what’s the first step?

  1. The first level is that you wait for the snow to fall and then you take your snow shovel with you and you stand on the corner waiting for a homeowner to come and pick you to shovel their walk. So what’s the problem with that? The problem is, right beside you there are four other people and their snow shovels waiting to be picked and the other problem is that there is a race to the bottom which means whoever amongst you who proposes the lowest price, is more likely to be picked. So when I talk about these four levels think of the idea how you can apply these principles on these levels to the business that you’re in.
  2. So the second level is that you wait for the snow to fall and then you go to the neighborhood, you go to every single one of the houses; you ring their bell. It seems a little bit spammy but you ring their bell and you talk with the homeowner and you tell them “Look! I have a snow shovel. I’m available. I can shovel your walk”. And there is a pretty better chance of getting some business booked if you do this as compared to level one.
  3. Now climbing up the ladder we go to level three which is you pay attention to the forecast and you notice that tomorrow there’s going to be a heavy snowfall in the area. So the night before you go to the area, you ring the bells and you talk to the home owners and you tell them "Tomorrow there’s going to be a snowfall and I’ll be available to shovel your walk; would you want me to do that?" It’s obviously a better chance of getting the business as a post for the person who waits for the snow to fall in the first place.
  4. Now, what is the fourth level which is the highest level which gets you more business? The fourth level is to get subscribers, which means well in advance of the snowfall, you cover the area, you talk to people, you show value and you get people to subscribe to your list. You tell them that not only tomorrow but every single time that snow falls, I’ll shovel your walk before 8 am. And in this case you gain ultimate control and the ultimate permission to get more business.

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