Why Most Coaches and Speakers Fail

Jun 25, 2020

One of the most important mistakes that beginner coaches or speakers make is try to help everyone.

If you try to help everyone you will literally help no one!

1- Because first of all you don't have the budget to market to everyone. You are not a big corporation. You have limited budget and if you scatter it going after different types of people you won't get good results

2- Number TWO: You don't have enough time to go after everyone! But if you focus on a certain group of people you will focus your efforts on those people and they will eventually notice you

3- And number THREE: We live in a world of specialization. If your target audience consider you as the specialist and expert in their field, they will trust you. Otherwise, they won't take you seriously.

Now, you may ask me "Shahab, how do I go about finding my niche or my specialty?"

I have THREE things to share with you:

1- Number ONE: Look at your life story. This is the most important thing you can do. Look at your life story, the challenges you've overcome, the goals you've achieved and those things can point you to the right people and to the right specialty. For example, in my case I help people navigate major changes, changes of career changes of pace of living, immigration or changes of field of study because my life story is all about that. I trained as a medical doctor then I became an EFL instructor, and then I became a business coach, a personal branding coach. I'm also an immigrant, so my life story has been all about making big changes and trying to be successful in a new field or in a new country. What is YOUR life story all about? What is the theme running through all the events that have happened in your life?

2- Number TWO: Look at your educational background. What did you study in university? What certifications have you gone through? Look at those certifications, your field of study, your background and those skills and knowledge can point you again to the right people and to the right specialty.

3- And number THREE: Think about your childhood. What did people tell you about your strengths when you were a child? For example, people always told me as a child that you're really curious; sometimes you're inquisitive and you make complicated concepts really simple to understand and follow, and this is truly my genius. As a speaker and coach I take complicated concepts and make them very simple to understand and follow. Now, what is YOUR genius? And what used to be your genius as a child?

Now, based on these three methodologies or tools my question to you is: "What ideal client profile should you be focusing on?" "And what solutions can you provide to them so that you can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals?"


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