A Huge Mistake When Choosing the Right Career or Business

Jun 26, 2020

One of the most important mistakes that people make when they want to choose the right career or the right business is to just focus on the opportunities in the market.

They ask themselves: “What is the area, the field, the industry, the career, and the business where I can make the most money?” There is nothing wrong with making money or gaining financial success. What is more important than that is to focus on the internal opportunities within you.

What do I mean by that? It's all about knowing yourself. Yes, the opportunities in the market are there; you have to pay attention, but equally important or even more important is getting to know yourself.

You see, twenty something years ago, I trained as a medical doctor. I even came first in the nationwide university entrance exam among more than a million contenders in my home country Iran. But I finished med school, and I realized I wasn't passionate about it. I was miserable as a medical student. So, I didn't want that to be my career path, and I eventually pivoted into speaking, coaching, consulting, and what I've been doing for the past twenty something years.

So, the thing is, there might be opportunities in the market, but the question is: "Do you even know yourself?" What do I mean by knowing yourself? There are THREE areas that you have to mindful of:

1- Number ONE: What are your strengths? And by strengths, I mean personality strengths and personality attributes. Also, the strengths and abilities that you have acquired along the way through education, certifications, and so on and so forth. What are your strengths? For me, personally, one of my biggest strengths is speaking, coaching, and helping people understand complicated concepts through simple terms. I've always got this feedback from my audience that they love my energy and the way that I simplify complicated concepts. What are your strengths?

2- Number TWO: What is your true passion? If you were not to work for money, what would you spend your time on? If you had all the money in the world, what would you like to spend the rest of your life on? So, honestly, again, for me, speaking, coaching, helping people, and teaching people to go for their best, to tap into their untapped potential, to expand their skills and knowledge and wisdom is my true passion. I can speak about personal development and business development for hours on end, and I won't be tired. What is your passion?

3- And number THREE: Do you even know what your ideal future looks like? What is the ideal version of your future? Let's say you have achieved all of your goals in ten years, twenty years, or thirty years from now. What does that future look like? What are you doing? Who are you working with? Where do you live? Do you even have a picture of that in your mind? Some people refuse to think about that because they think it's not possible, but the thing is, if you don't think about that ideal future, how can you even go about creating it? Because future is all about creation. You can create your future first in your mind and then in the real world. So, again, if you want to choose the right career the right business, don't just focus on the opportunities in the market. Don’t just focus on the financial results and rewards. Also, focus on yourself and the internal opportunities. Know yourself to grow yourself.


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