Be YOU to Grow Your Business

Dec 26, 2019

Today my friends, I'm going to tell you how bringing your personality to life at work can actually BOOST your business.

Many years ago I was a language instructor, and I was doing well as a language instructor and a test prep coach who was helping students prepare themselves for the university entrance exam back home in my country, and I was doing pretty well.

I was among the top choices for my audience, but I wasn't exactly number one. I wasn't THE MOST POPULAR and THE NUMBER ONE test prep coach in my area of expertise and although I had really good knowledge about language in general and specifically in teaching language as a foreign language - we call it "EFL" English as a foreign language - I had taken courses, I was really experienced in that regard; Just like I said, I wasn't the number one choice for my audience.

I wasn't the most popular choice for my audience, and I began to observe what those people who were the number ones (either in my area or in other areas) were doing to get to that number one spot and I noticed that although they were really good with their knowledge and expertise there was something else that actually made them number one and that was their personality.

They were expressing who they were. They were expressing their personality at work and their audience loved it! They connected with it! Some had a hobby of singing. They used some of that in their classes. Some other ones had really good knowledge about sports and they used that to differentiate themselves and to build that connection with the audience and I started to notice that.

At first I did a blunder because I was very new to the field at the time (This is many years ago). I tried to copy them. I tried to notice what they were doing and tried to copy them and it fell flat on its face because it wasn't resonating with me, with who I truly was, and I was trying to copy what others were doing but it wasn't working for me.

So I shifted gears, and I did some soul searching and found out what made me unique, what made me stand out, what was in MY personality that people usually pointed out and said that this is what you represent, this is the key aspect of your personality. And for me it was my inspirational part because I obviously had an inspirational story, being a medical doctor who wasn't passionate about medicine, and who had digressed into training and coaching and consulting. That was a really interesting story for most people, and also my other decisions in life seemed to be really inspirational to people.

And also I had another aspect to my personality which was my humor. I am a very introverted kind of person but among people who I know and trust and like; I'm usually very humorous.

So, I infused those two aspects: the inspirational aspect and the humorous aspect into what I was doing and It went bananas! And my business really took off. I was doing really well but I just made a boost and went right to number one, and people loved it because that was who I was. They resonated with my personality, the inspirational stories and the humor. I injected it into my teachings into my trainings, into my books into my material and people just loved it!

So the point I'm trying to make here is that it's not enough to be really good regarding knowledge and expertise in your field. It's necessary, but it's not enough. If you want to take your success to another level; you need to be ... YOU! You need to inject your true personality into what you do! Into your products, into your services, into your processes and those people who love that; those people who are your tribe, who kind of resonate with your personality, they feel attracted to you and your business will grow from there.

So, my question to you is: What is it in your personality that makes you stand out? And if you know that, please inject that into your product, your service and your business and see how it grows!

My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and If you need help to grow your business through personal branding; please reach out to me at

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