COVID 19: Are You Worried Financially?

Apr 03, 2020

Dear friends; due to coronavirus, a lot of us are worried about our financial situation and that makes a lot of sense because most of us have lost a part of our income or all of our income due to the current situation, but I've noticed that most people who are really worried about their financial reality are those people who avoid clarifying for themselves how much they are spending every month and what resources they have let me give you an example when my wife and I sat down and wrote down exactly how much we are spending, and we realized that we are spending much less this month because we are not paying for the kids' daycare, we are not paying for restaurants and cafés, we are spending much less on gas, and we do have other resources that we can tap into: TFSAs, a little bit of saving in the bank account, and we can downgrade our car, and I know that your situation might be different, but I want to urge you to sit down, and clarify exactly how much your expenses are and what resources you have.

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