Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

Aug 18, 2019

Why would a prospect choose you over your competitors? 

If your answer is something along the lines of “My price is really lower!” or “My quality is really higher!” that’s not going to cut it. Why? Because everyone else in the market is saying the same thing! I’m not saying that price or quality doesn’t matter in building a strong brand. I’m just saying that you can’t create meaningful distinction in the market based on price or quality alone, unless you’re working at the extremes. 

Now you may ask “Then how can I go about building a strong brand and creating a distinction in the market?” In this short video, I’m going to talk to you about FOUR different ways that you can use in order to build a celebrity brand and create meaningful differentiation with your competitors.  

The FIRST way you can create distinction in the market is to have a specialty. Maybe you have a specialty or you focus on a niche that is quite different from the rest and sets you apart from the competition. For example, I had a client who was a psychologist, and focused on parent-teenager relationship as her specialty. I also had a financial advisor as a client who emphasized wealth building for baby boomers. 

The SECOND way to go about creating meaningful differentiation in the market is to use who you are as a person. Maybe you have a specific background. You have specific knowledge, education, or even life story. You may be able to use your unique life story to set yourself apart from the rest. For example, I had a client who was a motivational speaker and who had overcome breast cancer in her life. That tremendous life story, obviously, could set her apart from her competitors. 

The THIRD way you can go about creating distinction in the market is to think about how you can package your offers, products and services in a different way. Sometimes you can present your products, offers, and services in a unique way that is different from the others. I once had a realtor as a client who offered tremendous bonuses to his clients who signed up with him. He offered trips to Barbados and other wonderful locations. Sometimes you can introduce guarantees, bonuses, urgency or some other wonderful items into your packages that sets you apart from your competitor.  

And lastly, the FOURTH way you can about creating a meaningful distinction in the market is to think about your values, vision and mission. I once had a mortgage broker as a client who always donated a part of his income to his charity of choice. Maybe that’s the way you can create distinction in the market as well: think about your vision, your mission, your values, something that can set you apart from the rest.  

 Now my question to you is this: How are you planning to use these four tips to stand out from the crowd and build a strong brand for yourself? Remember: Branding is all about differentiation, and you need to be unique and different from your competition.  

 If you need advice and consultation and how to create a strong personal brand, if you wish to be featured on media, if you want to write a book, if you want to speak on stages, we can help you! 

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