Formula for Success

Mar 02, 2019

Many people come to me on a daily basis and they tell me: “Shahab, you’ve worked with more than 30 thousand people during the course of your career in seventeen, eighteen years and you have success in three different markets and industries. You’ve sold more than 20 million dollars of product and services. So what’s your formula for success? Can you summarize it in one or two minutes?

The answer is very simple because I call my formula” The 1, 2, 3 for Success”


NUMBER ONE: You have to look at your past and this entails two MINI STEPS.
THE FIRST MINI STEP: You have to take control of your attitude. You have to take Control of how you respond to events that are outside yourself. How can you be proactive and responsive as opposed to reactive?

THE SECOND MINI STEP: How can you release the mental blocks that you’ve developed it over your lifetime? Every one of us sees the world through our own lenses. We have developed a certain filter in front of our eyes. We look at the world and see the world and even ourselves through those lenses. these lenses are unique to every one of us based on our experiences. What has happened to us during our lifetime? What kind of parents and teachers we have? And so on and so forth.

NUMBER TWO: Project forward and look into the future

THE FIRST MINI STEP: Define your ideal vision. If you had all the resources, all the money, all the time in the world and you had to just click and choose the ideal vision for yourself; what would that be?

THE SECOND MINI STEP: Creating the environment. Both the physical environment and those people around you that will support you, cheer you on. The environment that will help you move forward and keep going for your success.

NUMBER THREE: Focusing on the present time

THE FIRST MINI STEP: Time management and Productivity. Keep your focus and use your time wisely. Learn the techniques and apply them to your daily life.

THE SECOND MINI STEP: understand the influencers on your engaged energy. It means that the amount of energy that you have at every single moment that going to apply to the certain task that you’re working on and understanding the influencers that influence the amount of that engaged energy

So to wrap up:

 The 123 formula for success:

1- Look at the past. Release the energy in the past and remove the mental barriers that are holding you back from success.

2-Look at the future. Define your ideal vision and set goals. Create an environment that supports you on your way to success.

3- Come back to the present time. Focus your time and energy in a relentless manner so that you will keep moving ahead towards your goals.


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