High-Tickets Sales: email, text, phone or meeting?

Oct 27, 2019

E-mail, text message, phone call or in person meeting?

Which one to choose if you want to close more deals?

So statistically, when you're selling high-ticket items, getting face to face with the potential customer yields you more results. So in person meetings are better than phone calls, phone calls are better than text messages and text messages are better than emails, so don't hide behind your emails and text messages, but get in front of your potential clients or at least call them on the phone and discuss your item, your offer, your product and service with them.

Obviously, this is relevant to the last stage of the customer's journey. You know that the customers go through three different stages in their sales journey: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Awareness is where they first become aware of you and your product and service. Consideration is where they engage with your message, and they become interested. Conversion is where they actually convert into a paying customer.

So just like I said in person meetings and phone calls are much better at the conversion stage, the last stage. But in the previous stages, in the awareness and consideration stages, you can use a balance of all different prospects and tools. You can use emails, text messages, phone calls and in person meetings based on your industry, your market and the type of service and product that you provide.

But, again, I emphasize that to CLOSE high-ticket items make sure to get on the phone or even better to get in a meeting, face to face, belly to belly with the customer, and don't hide behind email and text messages.

My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and if you want to become the highly paid AUTHORITY in your field and grow your business, please contact me at northstarsuccess.com.

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