How can we boost our self-control in under 10 minutes?

Jul 24, 2020

Video Transcription:

Sometimes we need to enhance our performance, concentration, and self-control in just a few minutes. How can we do that?

According to the research done in the field of positive psychology, especially those done by Dr. Halvorsen, it has been shown that three things can boost our self-control in just a few minutes.

1- Number one is called contagion. By that I mean being around ambitious people, and just thinking of driven high self-control people can actually help you boost your self-control, and this has been shown very vividly in the research done in positive psychology.

2- Number two: do something that lifts your mood. For example, it has been show that watching comedy videos, writing down your most important values in life, listening to energetic music, any of those and anything that actually lifts your spirits can actually boost your self-control.

3- And number three is consuming glucose. Eating or consuming something that contains glucose can actually boost your self-confidence in the short term. Of course you have to be mindful of the fact that doing this in the long run can lead to diabetes or decaying teeth. Obviously it is not a long-term strategy, but if you do need a boost in your self-control within a few minutes, absolutely take advantage of these three strategies that I mentioned.


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