How can we talk about what we do without sounding confusing or bland?

Jan 22, 2019

    I’ve had lots of experience with people either at a party or at a networking event and I’ve asked them “So, what do you do?” and their answer was way confusing. They’ve started talking about what they do and sometimes they’ve gone on for 5-10 minutes, and at the end of the ten minutes, honestly I was more confused that before. They were either too bland or too generic. Mostly they were using their job title to describe themselves, or they were making things too complicated for me to understand. I bet you have had the same experience before.

So in this short video, I’m going to give you a five-step formula that you can learn in order to talk about what you do in a concise effective manner.

  • So the first step is define exactly who your target audience is and by target audience I mean the people you want to serve, the people you want to work with. Who are these people? Define them demographically and psychographically. So think about what their ages are, what their gender is. Think about their geography, their job titles, their income. Even their psychographyb as well, like what social media are they on? What kind of books they read, what type of habits they have. And so on and so forth. For example in my case, my target audience are people who are small business owners, and who are either at the beginning stages of their business or they have been in business for a while but they want to take it to another level.
  • The second step is ask yourself “What are these people’s needs? What are these people’s challenges?” So in my case, my target audience, they have challenges like not having enough clients, not having enough leads, too much competition in the market, not having a strong brand and enough trust on the part of their clients.
  • The third question you might want to ask yourself is “What are the goals of these people? What are the things that they’re trying to move towards?” So think about the financial gains, think about the emotional gains, even the physical and spiritual gains that these people are moving towards. So in my case the goals of my target audience are growing their business, getting more clients, increasing their revenue, getting financial freedom, having more time on their hands, and having a greater work-life balance.
  • The fourth question that you should ask yourself is “What is the one big result of working with you? What is the one big promise that you give your clients and you can deliver on?” So if you ask this question from me I would say the one big promise and the one big result in my work is getting more clients.
  • And the fifth question, the last part and the last step of this five-step formula is “How can YOU help these people solve their problems and challenges and how can you help them achieve their goals? What is your methodology? How do you do it? And how are you different from the other people?” So in my case I use my coaching skills and my consulting skills and also my own experience as a small business owner of over 17-18 years as assets and tools that are used to help my audience achieve their goals.

So whenever you want to talk about what you do, if you want to put it very briefly, then just mention your target market and the one big result that they get by working with you. So in my case, I would say I help small business owners to get more clients. But if you want to be a little more elaborate and if you want to explain a little bit more, you can talk about their needs, their goals and how you help them solve those problems and achieve those goals.

So take advantage of this five-step formula and try it out with your prospects and see what happens.

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