How did I Join the ICF Toronto Board of Directors?

Jun 18, 2020

One of the most effective ways to build your personal brand and become known in your field is to join the board of directors of major associations within your field. For example, I sit on the board of ICF Toronto International Coaching Federation, Toronto chapter, and before that, I was a founding member of Farsi Coaching Association, and I can tell you through experience that being on the board of directors can help you get more visibility and credibility, and it can help you boost your personal brand.

Why is that? In my experience, there are three thing that being on a board can help you achieve:

1- Number ONE: You will be considered as a leader in your field. So, when you are serving on the board, your peers, your competitors who are the members of that association, will look up to you and see you as a leader. That alone can help you get more visibility and credibility, and it will help you become better known in your field.

2- Number TWO: It gives you credibility in the eyes of your audience! So, your audience will see you as somebody who is serving on the board of directors of your association, so you must be something special! So you must have a certain credibility level that eventually will help your audience trust you more and eventually will help you build a stronger brand and grow your business.

3 - And number THREE: Being on the board helps with networking because you are now serving on the board of directors you are networking with like-minded ambitious professionals that can add to your network and open up new doors and possibilities for you.

So, you may ask me: "How do I go about joining the board of directors in my field Shahab?" So, two steps!

1- Number ONE: Find the association of your choice (major associations)

Major associations usually have chapters in different cities and provinces and if you can't even find a chapter in your city, province, or even your country, I can definitely assure you that there will be an association internationally that you can become a member of.  So, number one is finding that association

2- Number TWO is becoming visible BEFORE you can nominate yourself to join the board.

You have to be visible to the members of your association before you can ask people to vote for you to join the board, and the best way to do that is volunteering your time to the board of directors. So, you are just a member; you are not a member of the board of directors yet; but you are volunteering your time helping the board members out through your services, and this way the board members will gradually get to know you, and you become a better-known name and face among the members and eventually, after some time you can nominate yourself, or you can ask somebody else to nominate you , and eventually you will ask people to vote for you, and hopefully you will join the board, and remember that's exactly what I did to join the board of directors in the past few years in my field.

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