How to close the sale: Prompting immediate action

Jan 06, 2019

So many times, during sales conversations, when you get to the closing of the sale, you sense that the prospect does not want to make the decision to buy. And although they are in every sense qualified to buy, they just want to procrastinate. They just want to do it later and we know that later never arrives. So, how can we spark immediate action on the part of the prospect during sales conversation?

In this short video I’m going to share with you 5 tips and methods that you can actually persuade the prospect to take action right now and not put off something that they can do today until tomorrow.

1- Number one, introduce "deadlines". Tell them that this offer and this particular package of services and products is only valid up to a certain date and it will be gone forever after that particular date. So when there is a deadline, there is a time pressure and the prospect will most probably take action and do what they have to do.

2- Number two, tell them that there is "limited availability". There are a finite and limited number of packages, services and products and if they do not take action right now, there is no guarantee that they can get access to this wonderful valuable package later on.


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3- Number three, introduce "premiums". Tell them that if they get this package, product or service, they will get one, two, three ….ten different bonuses and if they add up the value of those premiums, they’re getting a huge bulk of value in return for the amount of money they are paying.

4- Number four, introduce "early bird prices". Tell them that if they buy up to a certain date, they will get an early price (an early bird price which is a lower price) and after that, the discount is gone forever and they have to pay the full price. Again, this time pressure is very similar to introducing deadlines and urges of the prospect to move forward and take action.

5- Number five, the last tip is that you have to make responding to your offer "really easy" and by that, I mean help the prospect pay you and buy your service and product really easily without having to leave their comfort zone, office or room. They just have to take out their credit card and enter their details online or they just have to call the toll–free number and that’s it. Don’t make responding to your offer difficult and complicated.

I hope these 5 tips help you prompt immediate action on the part of your prospect and close more deals. Thank you for watching. Ignite your life and grow your business!

Watch the video here:

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