How to Get Clients: Story of me Putting People First

Dec 26, 2019

So many of you dear friends and followers may know me as an expert in the area of business coaching and specifically personal branding. But most of you might not know that I started off twenty-one years ago as a language instructor.

Back then, I was really focused on communicating my expertise to my students and teaching them the best way possible, and using the most up-to-date methods and methodologies in training and teaching, so that the outcome would be great learning for my students, and honestly, I was successful, but I wasn't among the top one percent of language instructors in my area of expertise. I wasn't that popular and widely known and nationwide expert that I aspired to be.

And when I explored why that was not the case, why this hadn't happened for me back then; I realized that the top one percent of instructors were those who not only had the knowledge and expertise, but also created this kind of person to person connection with their students and followers.

So these top one percent instructors were the kind of people who actually touched their students’ hearts and put people ahead of learning, teaching products, service and expertise. People first, products and service second.

So, I got curious how I personally could use this concept to take my success to another level. So I started sharing my hobbies with my students. I started to me authentically me and not just focused on the teaching and learning that needed to happen in the classroom.

I needed to become curious about the students what their hobbies were, what their interests were. I cracked some jokes during class time. Obviously, I tried to keep a balance between the academic part and the human to human, person to person connection part and it actually changed the game.

The point I'm trying to make here is not necessarily for instructors, trainers, coaches or consultants. It's for anybody who is in business. If we put people first, if we become really interested in our audience, in our followers, in our clients and be authentically US, and share our true selves and our interests and our hobbies with them; we create that person to person connection that is really the essence of our society and living in a community.

So, basically, I believe that money comes and goes; business is up and down, but the thing that remains with us and is really meaningful throughout the years, and the thing that people will eventually remember is the experience of working with you and the emotions that you create for them and the memories that is created throughout the process.

My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and if you need help to grow your business through personal branding, please contact me at

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