Law of Specialization

Jul 25, 2019

The other day I was invited to be a guest speaker at a business meeting that one of my friends was hosting, and as I entered the room, I received a warm welcome which was really heartwarming.

There was this gentleman who rushed to meet me and shake my hands when I entered the room, and he said that he's been touched by my content and my journey in life and he regarded me as a role model, which was quite flattering. And then I reciprocated and I thanked him and I asked him “What do you do?” and he answered “I'm a coach. I do life coaching and business coaching”. This is the type of answer that I receive from so many business professionals at networking meetings. People come to me and say “I'm a coach, I do life coaching and business coaching.”

What’s wrong with that? Everything's wrong with that, because in a world where people need experts and specialists and in a world where business professionals need to invest on their personal brands every single day, if you don't specialize and if you just say “I do life coaching and business coaching” which is too wide and too generic, it means that you're not an expert in your field and you're not targeting any specific target audience. You're just generic.

So this is a very very relevant question. Are you a wandering generality or a meaningful specific just like Seth Godin says. And this is not just specific to coaches, I've met architects that say I design anything and everything. I design forks, I design hundred-story buildings, I design anything.

 And again if you don't specialize in one thing (of course you may be able to design anything and a coach may be able to help all kinds of people with their life coaching and business coaching skills) but if you don't specialize, there is always this other coach who is a specialist in a specific field and there's this other architect who is an expert at hundred-story buildings, and when it comes to comparison and when it comes to choosing sophisticated clients and the bigger boys on the block will always choose the specialist over you.

So think about it, if you want to build this strong personal brand, stand out in the market and be paid what you deserve to be paid, always go for specialty, always specialize in something and be an expert in a very narrow niche.

It's Dr. Shahab Anari, Personal Branding expert. Thank you so much.


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