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Jun 12, 2020

A lot of people ask me: "Shahab! How do I attract more social media followers?" They tell me: "You have close to 200,000 engaged social media followers! How did you manage to do that?!"

And my answer is: "I follow different strategies but one of the most important ones is to post daily!

So, I personally (excluding weekends) post every single day! And what do I post about? I follow the 80 -20 rule! 80 percent of my posts are professionally related! They are within my area of expertise! And 20 percent of my posts are just not professional, not related to my area of expertise. Let me explain. So, almost 80 percent of my posts are about personal branding! My area of expertise! I help entrepreneurs build their brands, get more clients and make more impact. So, 80 percent of my posts are about what mindset entrepreneurs need, what techniques they need, what strategies they should be using, anything related to how you can brand yourself, get more clients and make more impact! Right?

But 20 percent of my posts are not at all professional. They are not related to my area of expertise. They might be about something personal some picture of myself and my kids, something about my hobbies, something about what's going on with the world, and why do I do that? Because that 20 percent helps my audience connect with me as a person and as a human being! And that 20 percent helps my audience see the human side of me!

So, again, back to basics! 80 percent of posts, most of the posts, should be about your area of expertise. And how do you know what to post about? Go back to your audience! See what kind of questions they have for you when they see you, when they email you, when they text you, when they call you, what questions they have for you. And if you pay attention, there is always this pattern; there is always this commonality, and when you pay attention (and sometimes you need to survey as well) you find those commonalities and those patterns. Make your posts about them! Create some posts and answer the questions that your audience have for you.

And about that 20 percent, just post random stuff that you think your audience would love. Maybe it's your own photos, family photos, maybe it's about your hobbies, maybe it's something inspirational, maybe it's a joke, I don't know! YOU know your audience! But again make sure you have this balance: 80 - 20

Now, my question to you is: What do you post about? And do you follow the 80  - 20 rule?

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