Seize the moment!

Jul 09, 2020

So you want to build a strong brand, grow your business, and make more impact. You want to join the top 1% performers in your field. But you say: “There is so much I need to do! I don't have enough time!” And I agree. In order to become more successful, there are different things that we need to do. There are lots of things on our to-do list. But I've realized along the way that there are certain moments during the day that we normally fail to seize. We let those moments slip through our fingers, and I've realized that if we become more intentional about those moments, then over time, we get the cumulative effect; and over time we get to the point where we can achieve tremendous results.

 Let me give you an example. Just imagine that you've finished your work in the morning 20 minutes before the expected time. So you have 20 minutes on your hand. So what do you do? Normally people think about the different choices: Shall I make some phone calls? Shall I read a couple of pages of this book on my table or shall I go for a walk around the block and so on and so forth and it takes them like 10 minutes to figure out eventually what they want to do; but then, the remaining 10 minutes is not enough for them to actually execute on that plan; and therefore, the 10 minutes is gone. And this is not just a random happening. It’s something that frequently happens in our lives.

So what shall we do about this? I believe we need to become more intentional, and if we put intentions in place and put the plans in place and we do the if-then planning for ourselves, then we can take advantage of these opportunities, and we can seize the moments. For example, if I tell myself that whenever I have 15 to 20 minutes extra time in the morning, I will go for a walk around the block, then think about it, over time the cumulative effect will do so much good to my health and to my fitness, or if I plan to read 2 pages of a book whenever I have 15 to 20 minutes on my hand, then over time I will be able to read volumes of books and add a lot of knowledge and expertise to my wisdom.

So my challenge to you is: Write the if-then plans! Have some intentions about these moments during the day, and think about how you can seize the moments in your life!


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