How to stand out in a market that's already saturated

Oct 27, 2019

How can you stand out in a market that's already saturated?

 Although there is no clear-cut answer and one-size-fits-all solution for this type of problem,

 I'm going to share with you FOUR strategies where you can use YOU as a PERSON in order to create distinction in the market, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

 The FIRST strategy is to use your life story. Consider Anita Moorjani, the best-selling author. She was a lady that went into a coma because of her cancer, and then arose from the coma, safe and sound! And now she uses that incredible life story to teach people about self-love. Also think about Grant Cardone, the famous sales expert, who always talks about his addiction when he was young, and how he overcame that addiction and rebuilt his life and created tremendous success for himself. So, in your case, what is it in your life story that sets you apart from the rest? Maybe it's an experience, maybe you have a certain background, maybe you have won awards, and there must be something in your life story that creates distinction for you.

 The SECOND strategy is to use your personal attributes.

 Think of the late Dan Kennedy, the marketing guru, who always had this No B.S. approach to marketing and sales. He even launched a series of books under this very branding: “No B.S. marketing and sales books”. So what is it in YOUR personal attributes that sets you apart? As a personal example I had a client of mine who was a graphic designer, and she was EXTRA PATIENT with her clients. That was what created distinction for her. Another example: I had a client who was a real estate agent, and he had EXTREME ATTENTION to details. He always double-checked and triple-checked the documents so as to make sure that there are no surprises for his clients during the transaction.

 The THIRD strategy that you can use in order to create distinction in the market is to USE YOUR PASSIONS AND VALUES as the differentiating factor. So if you go on the Toms shoe website you can see that the founder realized at some point in his life that there are so many people, so many children, in need of a pair of shoes! And so he decided to create a company to do one for one which means for every pair of shoes that people purchase from the company, he donates a pair of shoes to the children in need.

So what are some of YOUR values, YOUR passions that can help you stand out from the crowd?

 Maybe it's a hobby that you have, maybe it's your passion for music, your passion for charity, it might be ANYTHING.

 What is it that you can use amongst your values and passions that can set you apart from the rest?

 And eventually the FOURTH strategy to create distinction in the market is to use your VISION and MISSION.

 IKEA always says their vision and mission is to make everyday life better for people.

 So what is YOUR VISION AND MISSION? Maybe your vision for your business, maybe your mission, what you're doing right now is what sets you apart from the rest.

 So think about these four strategies:

1- Using your life story

2- Your personal attributes

3- Your values and passions

4- And eventually your vision and mission

 How can you use these strategies to create distinction in the market and create a celebrity personal brand for yourself?


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