The Strange Effect of "Unconscious" on Success

Jun 20, 2020

Can your unconscious affect your level of success? Before anything, let me tell you that the content of this post is NOT mumble jumble, and it's based on the research and studies done in the science of positive psychology.

 So, the thing is, you want to join the top one percent in your field. You want to build a strong brand grow your business and make more impact, but can your unconscious affect your success? The answer is: Yes!

Psychologists such as Halverson, Bargh, and Gollwitzer have shown us that environmental triggers can affect our unconscious, and our unconscious can actually affect the level of our success. Let me give you an example. Most of the things that we do throughout the day, most of the goals that we pursue during the day, are outside of our awareness. They are done unconsciously. For example, at the end of the work day, you leave the office, you get into your car, you drive home, and you get home after a few minutes, but most of the things that you do in between are outside of your awareness. They are done unconsciously. For example, you stop at the red light, you turn at the right time and so on and so forth.

You consciously are processing something else. For example, what you did during the day, or what you're going to do at home with your family, but your unconscious is getting you home. So, the thing is, psychologists are telling us if we choose proper environmental triggers those triggers can affect our unconscious, and our unconscious can affect our pursuit of goals, and there are THREE things that we can consider in this regard:

1- Number ONE:  The words and pictures in our environment. They can affect our unconscious. For example, it has been shown that in the corporate world when there are posters on the walls with words such as "Teamwork" or pictures suggestive of teamwork then in that environment people do teamwork much better and much more easily, or when people are studying hard for their exams when they put posters with words such as determination and success and so on and so forth in their environment, it affects their determination, and it affects their pursuit of goals.

2 - Number TWO are the means and the tools in your environment. They can affect your unconscious too. For example, if I'm sitting here at my office at my desk, doing my work if I see a dumbbell at a corner of my office then that dumbbell is sending unconscious messages to my mind that I should be exercising more, or it has been shown in some experiments that some ladies close to their birthdays walk their spouses past jewelry stores and those spouses get their wives or their partners more jewelries compared to the control group which is really interesting.

3- And number THREE are the people in your environment. Who do you spend most of your time with? Which people are those people who you follow on social media? What kind of videos do you consume during the day? And those people are affecting your unconscious even if your consciousness is engaged with something else, those people are affecting you on an unconscious level; and eventually your unconscious will affect your pursuit of goals.

So, my question to you is: "Are you using proper environmental triggers so that you can reach success much more easily and much faster?"

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