Two Powerful Ways to Make People Buy

Oct 31, 2019

There are TWO ways to make somebody follow your orders and take a specific action.

 For example, in your business; you might want your audience to follow you on social media; to download something from your website, or to even buy a product and service from you. How can you do that? The FIRST option is to pressure them and the SECOND option is to inspire them.

Let me explain a bit. The FIRST choice is to pressure them using psychological triggers. For example you can use FEAR to make that person take a specific action. You can tell them: "If you act by midnight, you can get access to this and this, but if you act past midnight, you will be left out!" or you can use URGENCY as a trigger. You can say: "There are only FIVE spots left! Are you in or out?" or you can use other triggers such as peer pressure. You can tell them "Everybody else in your market is buying the same thing, how about you?" of course there are tons of other psychological triggers to use to manipulate someone or pressure them to take a specific action and almost all of them work, and that's why they are used in the business world.

 But the SECOND option is to inspire them and by that I mean: create a cause far greater than your personal benefits or their personal benefits. Subscribe to an idea that they WANT to follow and by that I'd like to use the concept that Simon Sinek uses in his book: 'Start with Why'.

 Think about how Steve Jobs created a tribe of Apple fans. Or consider how Martin Luther King moved the masses to action. So, start with why they need to follow you, why they need to take your orders and why they need to buy from you. If you motivate them internally so that they WANT to follow you and they WANT to buy from you, then there will be no extra need for manipulation. They are already inspired to take that action and there is no need for further pressure on your side.

 So, again, there are TWO ways to make somebody do something that you want them to do. The first way is to manipulate using psychological triggers, and the second way, which is even more powerful, is to inspire them so that they are internally motivated to take that action.

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