Use your life story to find your ideal clients

Aug 07, 2020

Your life story can actually help you build a stronger personal brand and increase your income. That's because your life story can actually show you what niche and specialty you should be focusing on in the market.

Let me give you an example. A while back I was working with a life coach who was not happy with the pace of her business growth. When we looked at her situation, we found out that, obviously, she was a generalist, and she was trying to help everybody, which is rarely successful. She actually needed to be focusing on a niche and specialty in the market. But the problem was she didn't know exactly what niche or specialty she should be focusing on.

One item that I always use to help my clients find their niche and specialty is their life story. When we explored her life story, we found out a lot! For example, we found out that when she was living with her ex, she was the kind of person who always had to say yes. She didn't know how to express herself. She didn't know how to say no without having a fight, and because of that she had lost her self-confidence.

Obviously, after a while she got a divorce from her ex, and she embarked on a self-development journey, and now she is this courageous brave young woman who expresses herself bravely, without having a fight, and she knows how to communicate effectively. And this whole life story was pointing us toward a specific niche and specialty; that's why she is now empowering other women to communicate more effectively; she is teaching other women to have more self-confidence, to express themselves without having a fight, and to say no when they want to disagree.

 So, now that she knows exactly what niche or specialty she needs to be focusing on, she knows exactly what products or services she should create, and she knows exactly what courses she should produce, and therefore, she has a stronger brand; she has a more successful business; she has more income and she's making more impact.

So, the point I'm trying to make is that when you explore your life story, you can extract golden nuggets that can help you find your niche and specialty in the market, and therefore, build a more successful brand, build a more successful business, and have more income.

Remember: the challenges and the problems that you overcame in your past, are the same challenges and the problems that so many people are going through right now. And if you use those challenges and problems as part of your life story, and if you share it with your potential audience, there will be some people who will resonate with your story and will tell themselves: "This is the person I should be hiring to solve my problems!"


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