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Aug 23, 2020

Definitely, one of the best ways to get tremendous credibility and to build a huge amount of trust with your audience is to be featured in the news: to get featured on respectable, established media.

So, when I say to my audience that I've been featured on Forbes, and I proudly put the logos on my book, or when I say on my marketing material or on the home page of my website that I've been featured on the Wall Street Journal (you see these logos on the bottom of this page: I’ve been featured on the Wall Street Journal, on Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and so on and so forth), definitely, it positions me as the trusted authority in my field.

Why would these news outlets feature me, or why would the journalists or the reporters interview me in the area of my expertise? Definitely, in the eyes of my audience, that's because I'm the trusted authority in my field. I'm the go-to expert in the field of personal branding. Right?

You could do the same, too! And Ithis is one of the services I offer to my clients! So, in this media feature on Star Metro Toronto, which is a subsidiary of Toronto Star, one of the biggest publications in North America, I've featured a few of my clients; and obviously, they can use the logo credibility on the home page of their website and on their marketing materials.

Remember, branding is all about standing out from the crowd, building credibility, differentiation and eventually, profitability.

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