What makes you angry?

Mar 25, 2020

An important aspect of strong Personal Branding is knowing your values. Values are things that are important to you. They are part of your brand! They affect your choices, your decisions; they affect who you work with, which areas you want to focus on, and so on and so forth. For example, in my case two of my values are honesty and taking responsibility and these are parts of my brand!

Now, you may ask: "How can I know what my values are?"  A very interesting way to find out about your values is to notice what are some of the actions that people do that actually make you annoyed. For example, in my case, if somebody is dishonest; if somebody is projecting a fake image and saying fake things, it annoys me! Because one of my values is honesty! Or if somebody is not taking responsibility for their actions; they are just blaming others for their failures, it annoys me! Because one of my values is taking responsibility.

Now, based on my explanations, what comes to your mind? What is one value that is very important to you?

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