Why Would People take me seriously?!

Jul 09, 2020

You may want to become a successful speaker, coach, consultant, author, or in general a thought leader, and you want to help your audience, solve their problems and reach their goals; but sometimes you doubt yourself. You say to yourself: “why would these people take me seriously? I haven't had a significant success in my life yet!”

For example you want to be a successful business coach, but you tell yourself: “I haven't built a successful international multi-million dollar business!”, or you may want to be a youth motivational speaker, but you sometimes wonder:” I haven't had any significant academic success yet! Why would they pay attention to me?”

The thing is I've been there too! When I first immigrated to Canada, I wanted to build my business as a business coach specializing in personal branding, but the thing is, a lot of people who I wanted to help were born here in Canada. So, I sometimes doubted myself: “why would these people who have been born here in Canada trust somebody who is an immigrant, who has not been around really that long, why would they trust me and pay attention to me?”

The thing is, I realized if you wait until you've reached the finish line, if you wait until you become THE BEST in your field, and then you start influencing other people and helping other people you will never get started because there is no finish line, there is no best in the field. You can always get better there is always somebody who is better than you in your field and this is the trap of perfectionism. So if you get trapped in this mentality you will never get started, and you will never fulfill your mission of improving and impacting other people's lives.

So, what should you do? The thing is, you don't have to wait until you become the next Tony Robbins or the next big name global speaker. There are always people that are a few steps behind you on this journey. All of us are at different stages on this journey, so there are people who are ahead of us and there are people who are behind us and at any point, with your wisdom, with your message with your knowledge and expertise you can help those people who are a few steps behind you on this path. So you don't necessarily have to be Tony Robbins, or you don't necessarily have to have reached the finish line to be able to help those people. You can always help the people who are a few steps behind you.

So, in my case, when I first started my business in Canada, I started helping completely new startups and beginners in the business field, but then, as I honed my message and I became more successful, I'm proud to say that I now belong to the top 10% speakers in the Canadian association of professional speakers in terms of audience, revenue and influence; and now I'm helping a broader audience, not only the beginners but also people who are already advanced in their careers, and they want to go to the next level; and it doesn't mean that I've reached the finish line. I'm still improving. There is so much that I can learn. There is so much that I can do to improve myself, but still, I'm helping those people who are a few steps behind me on this path.

So, my invitation to you in this video today, is: Trust yourself! You have the wisdom the knowledge and the expertise to be able to help some people. It doesn't mean that you can help everybody. It doesn't mean that you're the best in the field. It doesn't mean necessarily that you have reached the finish line, or you have figured out everything in your field. It just means that you can inspire, influence and train and serve some people who are just a few steps behind you on this path.


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