Why You Have Problems Getting Clients

Oct 21, 2019

What are the two main reasons why business professionals are NOT getting good results from their marketing and sales?

 Lots of business owners come to me and ask for my advice. They tell me: “nobody is picking up the phone these days, online marketing is dead, Email marketing is dead, I have problem asking for the business in my sales conversation, I don't think I can produce good quality videos for my online marketing.” and they come up with all different kinds of excuses why marketing and sales is not for them, and they are not getting enough results from their activities.

 And the major reasons why they're not getting good results, in my opinion, are these two reasons:

 The first one is that they are not educated in proper branding marketing and sales.

 It's simple. They have not taken enough training. They are not being coached. They're not studying enough. They are not focusing on educating themselves on these topics, so that they know what's working now, and what's not. What has changed in the field of branding, marketing and sales, and what used to be done back in the days that used to work, but is not working right now. So, the first reason why they're not getting results from their marketing and sales is that they are not educated enough.

 The second reason, which I believe is even more important is their negative thoughts. Their mental blocks, the thoughts that they keep having in their mind. The things that they keep telling themselves that are preventing them from moving forward. The kind of thoughts that are common among people who have problem with marketing and sales such as they tell themselves: “Email marketing is dead, online marketing is not valuable and helpful in my type of business, following up for so many times with a prospect is not a good idea, If I put myself out there and create videos, people will judge me. What if I write a blog and people don't like it? Nobody comments on it. Nobody shares it.”

 And all of these different types of negative beliefs and mental blocks and the negative thoughts they have in their head that keep them from moving forward, from taking action. And these fears, negative thoughts and mental blocks drive their actions. For example if they think that if I produce a video, people will judge me negatively, and they will leave negative comments on my social media page, obviously, they will stop dead in their tracks. They will not take action.

 If they believe that email marketing is dead, obviously, they will not use one of the most efficient and effective marketing tools that we have available right now, which is email, to grow their business. So, their thoughts actually lead to certain emotions in their body, and those emotions, which are negative and fear based will direct them to taking no actions, and not being consistent with their marketing and sales and the outcome and the final result that they get is inconsistent lead generation, and not growing their business fast enough, and getting frustrated and disappointed, and eventually, not being confident in the growth and future of their business.

 So what can be done about this?

 The first thing that you can do in order to improve your marketing and sales, is to educate yourself, to go on trainings, to hire a coach, to study and to invest in yourself so that you can get the skill set and the knowledge that you need in order to be successful in marketing and sales, and the second thing that you need to do in order to improve your marketing and sales is to challenge your negative beliefs, contradict them, and come up with replacement beliefs, more positive thoughts that then will direct your activities in order to grow your business,

 For example, if you're telling yourself that email marketing is dead, challenge that belief. Ask yourself: Is that true?

 Is there any exception to this rule? If I have an open mind, can I find someone, some business who is using email marketing VERY efficiently and effectively, and they're getting really good results out of it?

 And if you challenge your beliefs, and replace those negative thoughts with more positive thoughts, and if you keep an open mind, you will see that your mental blocks will go away, and you will be more positive, more open-minded, more creative and you will find solutions to your problems. You will adjust your strategies and come up with really effective methodologies in your marketing and sales, and eventually you will be able to grow your business.

 My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and if you need help with your personal branding, if you want to become THE AUTHORITY in your field, please contact me at northstarsuccess.com

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