Indecision Kills Your Dreams

Jul 04, 2020

One of the most important reasons you're not joining the top % in your field, and you're not building a strong brand and making more impact is your INDECISION. You’re not making important decisions at important times, and the basic reason why you're not making those decisions is your perfectionism. You’re waiting for the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect individual, the perfect provider, and the perfect equipment to get started.

Let me give you an example. For example, you know that in order to build a strong personal brand you have to create video content, and you know that you need to get some equipment for that, you need to build a home studio to do that. You need to get the microphone, the camera, and the lighting, and you need to do the setup, but you are waiting for the perfect microphone, the perfect camera, the perfect lighting, the perfect price, and the perfect setup, and you're waiting for the perfect moment to do that. And the perfect moment, the...

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Two Potential Techniques to Regain Motivation

Jul 02, 2020

Two ways to gain back your lost motivation:

So you want to join the top one percent in your field. You want a build your brand, get more clients and make more impact. But sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, the motivation is not there. You just don't feel like doing anything. You may even think to yourself: “Is this really worth it? I have been spending a lot of time, money, and energy on this, but I'm not seeing the results; nobody seems to care!” And you might feel stuck.

I feel you. Because I have been there. Honestly, at some point when I was trying to build my brand as a thought leader, I was stuck because nobody seemed to care about what I was producing. There were days, weeks and sometimes months on end that I didn't have the motivation to keep going. I thought: "This is useless!" And along the way, I learned two very powerful techniques that helped me get over those hurdles and helped me gain back my lost my motivation:

1- Number ONE was to think about...

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Why would anybody pay attention to me?!

Jul 01, 2020

A lot of speakers, coaches, consultants, or subject matter experts in general ask themselves: “why would anybody want to follow me or buy from me?!” They look at their more experienced and more established competitors in the field and they see that a lot of people are following them and are buying from them and they doubt themselves and ask themselves: “why would anybody want to pay attention to me?”

My friend, the thing is, when you look at the biggest change makers and the most influential movement makers in the history of the world, like the prophets of the world, even THEY were not able to impact every single person on the face of the Earth. You’re NOT going to impact everybody. The thing is, even those people were only able to influence and inspire a portion of the population. You have to find your tribe and your ideal audience. In coaching, we have a philosophy. We say at every single moment of time, you're both a student and a teacher; and by...

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But I don’t have a university degree!

Jun 30, 2020

A lot of speakers, coaches, consultants or, in general, subject matter experts come to me and say:  "Shahab, I want to help people! I know that my knowledge and expertise can help people solve their problems and achieve their goals! But the thing is I don't have a university degree! What do I do?" You see, in this day and age, you don't necessarily have to have a PhD to be able to help people. You can gain the knowledge and get the expertise that is necessary for you to help your audience without going to university or going through long certification programs. Don't get me wrong! I'm totally for going to university and get certifications. I'm a certified coach myself, and I've been through numerous different programs. I sit on the board of ICF (International Coaching Federation in Toronto), so I'm totally for getting certification and going to university; but the thing is, what's even more important than having a PhD or a certain designation are TWO things:

1 - Number ONE: Do...

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Which Goals Make Us Happy?

Jun 27, 2020

Based on scientific research which goals can make us happy? So, you want to choose the right career, the right business, and eventually join the top one percent performers in your field. So, what type of goals can actually make you happy? A lot of psychologists have worked in this area. One of them, Richard Ryan, says that the goals that cater to three of our basic needs can actually make us happy.

These basic needs are Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness. So, if you choose a goal where YOU choose the goal by yourself, and it's not a FORCED goal from outside; your parents don't choose it, but you choose it for yourself, and it's a goal that is all about personal development and gaining new skills and knowledge along the way and also it's about creating and strengthening relationship with others and especially contributing to other people and the community at large, these types of goals can actually make us happy.

On the contrary goals that are all about external validation, they...

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A Huge Mistake When Choosing the Right Career or Business

Jun 26, 2020

One of the most important mistakes that people make when they want to choose the right career or the right business is to just focus on the opportunities in the market.

They ask themselves: “What is the area, the field, the industry, the career, and the business where I can make the most money?” There is nothing wrong with making money or gaining financial success. What is more important than that is to focus on the internal opportunities within you.

What do I mean by that? It's all about knowing yourself. Yes, the opportunities in the market are there; you have to pay attention, but equally important or even more important is getting to know yourself.

You see, twenty something years ago, I trained as a medical doctor. I even came first in the nationwide university entrance exam among more than a million contenders in my home country Iran. But I finished med school, and I realized I wasn't passionate about it. I was miserable as a medical student. So, I didn't want that...

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Why Most Coaches and Speakers Fail

Jun 25, 2020

One of the most important mistakes that beginner coaches or speakers make is try to help everyone.

If you try to help everyone you will literally help no one!

1- Because first of all you don't have the budget to market to everyone. You are not a big corporation. You have limited budget and if you scatter it going after different types of people you won't get good results

2- Number TWO: You don't have enough time to go after everyone! But if you focus on a certain group of people you will focus your efforts on those people and they will eventually notice you

3- And number THREE: We live in a world of specialization. If your target audience consider you as the specialist and expert in their field, they will trust you. Otherwise, they won't take you seriously.

Now, you may ask me "Shahab, how do I go about finding my niche or my specialty?"

I have THREE things to share with you:

1- Number ONE: Look at your life story. This is the most important thing you can do. Look at your life...

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The Best Way to Become Known in your Market

Jun 23, 2020

The best way to build a strong personal brand and become known as the go-to expert in your field is to write a book. I wrote my first book when I was only fourteen years old, of course, with my brother's help. I've been in this industry for more than twenty-six years, and I've written and published more than thirty books for myself and for my clients, and I can tell you that the best way to build a strong personal brand and become recognized as the go-to expert in your field is to write a book.

Remember, it’s not about getting rich through selling books. Very few people actually get wealthy through the sales of the book, but writing a book can help you in three important ways:

1- First of all, writing a book creates credibility. So, it's all about creating trust. When you tell your audience that I've authored a book or co-authored a book you INSTANTLY become recognized as the expert. They will no longer doubt you or your products, or your services.

2- Number TWO: writing a...

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Performance Goals or Mastery Goals?!

Jun 21, 2020

Should you pursue performance goals or mastery goals? So, you want to join the top one percent in your field. You want to build your brand and make more impact. What kind of goal should you pursue? In the science of positive psychology and the field of coaching, we have to types of goals:

1- Number ONE: Performance goals. They are all about being good and performing well. For example, you take an exam, and you want to get an A, or you're a business owner, and you want to hit a certain sales target.

2- But the SECOND type of goals are called mastery goals. They are all about getting better improving performance. For example, you take an exam and you get a B -, and then you plan to get a B + next time; or you miss your sales target this month, and you plan to hit your sales target the next month or improve your performance. So, the science of positive psychology tells us that if you're engaging with a difficult long game time consuming goal definitely go with the second type of goal.

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The Strange Effect of "Unconscious" on Success

Jun 20, 2020

Can your unconscious affect your level of success? Before anything, let me tell you that the content of this post is NOT mumble jumble, and it's based on the research and studies done in the science of positive psychology.

 So, the thing is, you want to join the top one percent in your field. You want to build a strong brand grow your business and make more impact, but can your unconscious affect your success? The answer is: Yes!

Psychologists such as Halverson, Bargh, and Gollwitzer have shown us that environmental triggers can affect our unconscious, and our unconscious can actually affect the level of our success. Let me give you an example. Most of the things that we do throughout the day, most of the goals that we pursue during the day, are outside of our awareness. They are done unconsciously. For example, at the end of the work day, you leave the office, you get into your car, you drive home, and you get home after a few minutes, but most of the things that you do in...

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