Are you doing the right type of advertising?

Dec 13, 2018

Hi! It’s Dr. Shahab Anari, Co-author with Brian Tracy of the best-selling book “Ignite your life” and today, I’m going to talk about the three different types of advertising that you should be using in your business.

The main thing is we shouldn’t be showing our different ads to the same type of audience and every single type of ad corresponds to certain parts of our target market. What does that mean? If you think of the marketing and sales funnel, just think of a funnel, on top of this funnel you bring in ”cold prospects”, people in your targeting market who haven’t heard of you before. And then through marketing strategies and tactics you move those prospects down the funnel, into the next stages of the funnel, and you turn them from “cold prospects” to “warm prospects” and eventually “hot prospects” to become paying customers and clients. So for each step of this funnel, for each stage of this...

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