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Guaranteed to become an Amazon best-seller!

Become a best-selling author in 2023!

  • Share your message with the world.
  • Stand out from the others by becoming a best-selling author.
  • Go to a whole new level by participating in an international project.
  • Get ultimate credibility by contributing to a best-seller.
  • Let the book open new doors and possibilities for you like bigger clients, speaking and consulting gigs, and much more!
  • Leave a meaningful legacy behind by participating in a book project.


Find out the details of the project below.

Introduction written by Brian Tracy!

"The Road to Human Flourishing," is a truly transformative work authored by inspirational professionals and presented by the esteemed company, North Star Success. I am reminded of a powerful saying: "You cannot become what you want by remaining what you are." This is a message that has resonated with countless professionals around the globe, and it lies at the heart of this remarkable book.

Brian Tracy

We hold a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in publishing.

  • We hold the world record for "Most authors signing the same book online simultaneously".
  • We have written/published more than 40 books so far.
  • Our founders have been featured in Forbes, Toronto Star, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • We have worked with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, and Deepak Chopra in various projects and events.

Build trust and credibility by becoming a best-selling author.

We have turned tens of professionals into best-selling authors in the past few years.

How can co-authoring this book help you?

  • It’s not about getting rich through selling books. It's about building your BRAND!
  • Writing a book establishes credibility and visibility. People will trust you more easily.

  • Writing a book creates differentiation. You will stand out from the crowd.

  • Writing a book opens new doors and possibilities. Authors are always reliable resources that people turn to. It boosts your profitability.

  • The book launch event creates huge visibility and word of mouth.

  • Your book will be a legacy you will leave behind for your loved ones (and the world).


Find out the details below.

Limited-Time Opportunity

What's included:

1. You get a 2,500-word chapter in the multi-author book. You write. We edit. 

2. We take care of book cover design, typesetting, interior layout, ISBN, online distribution, etc.

3. We will publish it internationally on Amazon.

4. We will make it hit a best-seller list on Amazon.

5. We will write an international press release about your involvement in the book. Your name will be in the news!

6. We will ship you 30 physical copies of the book.

7. We will give you the e-book for free.

8. We will design beautiful marketing posters for you to use online (social media, website, etc)

9. You'll get a free discovery intake call with our senior publishing manager who will help you define your core objective, target audience, and central message.

10. Amazing Bonus 1: Free access to a series of recorded training videos on how to use your book to grow your business (value = $1,500)

11. Amazing Bonus 2: We will hold an in-person book launch for you in Toronto, Canada. You can celebrate your success in style!


Note: There's no royalty for authors in our multi-author books, because that's not the point. The purpose of these projects is either building your brand or leaving a written legacy. All sales from the book will be donated to charity. 



Usual investment: $12,000. Today, it's 50% OFF!!! 

Just 10 monthly payments of USD $597 (or USD $5,497 upfront).


  • Optional add-on: If you don’t wish to write, we can interview you and write the chapter for you.
  • Optional add-on: Custom cover with your photo on the cover
Schedule a FREE no-pressure consultation call.

But ...

What if I can't write?

It's only 2,500 words!! AND we will give you an outline and a recorded training to help you with writing your chapter. Also, we will support you at every step of the way.
BTW, we offer 'ghost-writing services' at extra cost (we interview you and write the chapter for you).

I don't think I'm that successful.

If you have insights and stories that can help others, that's enough. You don't have to be a billionaire or have a PhD. You just need to want to inspire others.

I'm not ready yet.

You'll never be ready! These opportunities don't happen every day. NOW is the time to act. Successful people will jump at opportunities and then grow and improve along the way. Don't let perfectionism paralyze you.

"Shahab from North Star Success is not only a great professional but also a phenomenal human being. When working with Shahab, you know that he is in your corner. Mr. Anari goes beyond his call of duty to ensure your success. "

Arthur Smolarkiewic
Business Performance Consultant

"I have benefited from working with Shahab from north Star Success tremendously. Working with him has provided me with great visibility and also access to his wonderful network of like-minded people. "

Sina Dejnabadi
Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach

In just a few months:

  • You can become an Amazon best-selling author.
  • You can differentiate yourself from your competitors ... big time.
  • You can build huge visibility, credibility, and profitability.
  • You will get to share your message/story with the world.
  • You will see new opportunities and doors open up for your business.
  • You will have left a meaningful legacy behind.

Amazing payment options. Become a best-selling author and change your life!

Early-bird pricing: Just 10 monthly payments of USD $597 (or USD $5,497 upfront).

"Shahab from North Star Success is such a dedicated person. I absolutely enjoyed working with him and his team. They were well organized and flexible, ready to meet the objectives without sacrificing the quality of the work. They are very good at working as a team. I was very touched by our collaboration. I am sure Shahab will be an asset to any aspiring author."

Elisabeth Kibitek Goueth

"Shahab from North Star Success was the professional publisher for my co-authored book with Brian Tracy, operating always in an efficient and helpful way."

Liza Jones

"From my very first interaction with Dr. Anari from North Star Success to now, he has shown nothing but a high level of integrity and commitment to getting things done. Shahab is a true gentleman, and I am very grateful to know him and to have had the opportunity work with him."

Raghwa Gopal

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