Dr. Shahab Anari

Professional Speaker


I consider myself as a most passionate and enthusiastic presenter on topics of professional development, especially personal branding. I deliver an inspirational, dynamic, authentic, humorous and most importantly insightful presentation to your audience. I train, engage, and inspire audiences with my limitless energy and unique blend of insight, storytelling and humor.


With 20 years of experience as a trainer/speaker, I'm a proud member of CAPS (Canadian association of Professional Speakers).

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I’ve delivered more than 500 keynotes, seminars and workshops to audiences of 3 to 3,000 people.  

Just as every individual is unique, each presentation I deliver will be customized. I’m not satisfied unless my clients are ecstatic!


 1. 3 C’S TO MONETIZING YOUR EXPERTISE (Audience: experts, small business owners)

 The audience will learn how to:

  • clarify their brand message and positioning in the market
  • market their offers through the 7 marketing strategies
  • sell professionally without being pushy

2. The Brand Called YOU (Audience: professionals, small business owners)

 The audience will learn how to:

  • differentiate themselves from the crowd
  • extract their unique promise of value
  • verbalize what they do, who they do it for and how they’re different from others

3. Energy Leadership: 7 Choices to Transform Your Life

 (Audience: general audience)

 The audience will learn:

  • the 7 options that can change their personal and professional lives
  • how they can respond instead of react to negative situations
  • how to lead themselves and others to action

"Your speech, great personality and positive energy brought to the symposium were beyond anyoneā€¯s expectation. I had received many calls thanking me for inviting you. I can imagine just how many compliments you received as well."

Dr. Reza Parsanezhad
Manager of SIPQ

"Stellar. much better than I ever expected. Professionally delivered!"

Christine Quach
GTA Rewards

"I invited Shahab to speak in my event "Karafarin Toronto Entrepreneurship Expo" with around 1000 people registered for a day long celebration of Entrepreneurship in Toronto, and he delivered an inspiring speech in the field of Personal Branding. Any person should be proud to have Shahab as his coach and trainer, and I would highly recommend him for any business seeking growth."

Mahboob Bolandi
Founder at Karafarin Canada

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