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The "Leader as Coach" course is essential for all managers and team members in a leadership role within an organization
because it transforms leadership from directive to empowering, fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation. By mastering coaching techniques, leaders enhance their team's performance, engagement, and satisfaction, driving higher productivity and retention. This course equips leaders with the skills to develop their team's potential, navigate challenges, and cultivate a collaborative, high-performing workplace. Investing in coaching leadership ensures sustainable success and resilience, making it a crucial component for any forward-thinking organization committed to excellence and positive impact.

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Dr. Shahab Anari

+20 years of training experience

ICF-accredited coach trainer

Member of the International Coaching Federation


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I had the privilege to host an online event where Shahab was a speaker to newcomers immigrants to Canada and he spoke about the levels of resilience. His talk was very impactful and the audience was really engaged.
I highly recommend Shahab for Public Speaking, motivation and positive psychology talks.

-Hossam Bakir

Shahab has truly demonstrated excellence in what he does through a powerful and interactive sessions week by week. The content of the course is very informational and I feel like I have uncovered ways to increase visibility and profitability through the materials that was shared to the class. Definitely money well spent and I love that I will have a lifetime access to the materials. I highly recommend Shahab and this course to a business owner that is starting up, or may have been in business already but are looking at different ways to grow there business. Totally worth the time and money! Thank you Shahab!

-Arlene Ruiz

Course Outline

Certificate Awarded:

Leader-as-Coach Certificate

Investment: $3,500

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Learn coaching skills and become a better leader.