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Our founder, Dr. Shahab Anari, is a multiple best-selling author (2 million copies sold worldwide), keynote speaker, and experienced personal branding consultant. He speaks at close to 100 events per year on topics of personal and business development and has close to 200,000 engaged followers on social media. Dr. Shahab has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance and Toronto Star and is now a contributor to Forbes.

At North Star Success, we coach and train subject matter experts on how to grow their business. We also help them build a strong personal brand by becoming one of our authors and speakers. Furthermore, we regularly produce business seminars and conferences on the topic of business growth.

Featured on the Wall Street Journal as a Master of Success

The Thought Leader Revolution Podcast: "Shahab is the Persian Tony Robbins."

Co-author with Brian Tracy of the Best-Seller "Ignite Your Life"

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Build a Profitable Business around Your Expertise

Are you a subject matter expert? Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, financial adviser, dentist, nutritionist, chiropractor, realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant, or provider of any other professional services? We can help you grow your business!

Let us help you get more clients and grow your business

Are you looking for a step-by-step formula that will help you build a profitable business around your expertise? If you have expert knowledge and skills and you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, getting more clients and making more impact, you can sign up for our in-person courses or apply to get one-to-one coaching from us.

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Let us help you build your brand and become the authority in your field

You can rise head and shoulders above the crowd and eliminate your competition by enrolling in one of our personal branding packages.

Our packages include:

  • done-for-you book publishing deals
  • speaking on our prestigious international stages
  • being featured in globally-respected media

This is an exclusive opportunity, accessible ONLY through application.

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The How of Personal Branding

3 C's to Become the Highly-Paid Authority in Your Field

CLARIFY your unique message, COMMUNICATE it to the right people, and CLOSE a lot more deals.

Do you want to build a strong brand and monetize your expertise?

Do you want to create a big following and make an impact?

Do you want to be heard and seen by people who matter to you?

In this book, Dr. Shahab Anari shares with you his step-by-step methodology to gain huge visibility, credibility, and profitability.

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North Star Success Planner

  • Stop Overwhelm over Your To-Do List
  • Increase Your Focus.
  • Manage Your Time like the Top 1%
  • Boost Your Productivity

Daily planning, weekly planning, monthly planning, and prioritizing like a pro based on the latest research and the author's extensive experience in the field of High Performance. Separate pages for daily planning, weekly preview and review, and monthly preview and review. Also includes affirmations and exercises based on the principles of professional coaching so that you can be in command of your day.

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