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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Shahab is a true gentleman, I've done business with him on multiple occasions, including a book deal, speaking opportunity, and more, and he always over-delivers and looks after his clients very well. I am very grateful to know him and work with him."

Ahmed Ali, PhD
Author, Coach, Speaker

"My business grew by %250 after six months of working with Shahab."

Moe Asgarian
Realtor, Team Leader

"Shahab is such a dedicated person. I absolutely enjoyed working with him and his team. They were well organized and flexible, ready to meet the objectives without sacrificing the quality of the work. They are very good at working as a team. I was very touched by our collaboration. I am sure Shahab will be an asset to any aspiring author."

Elisabeth Kibitek-Goueth

"Shahab was the professional publisher for my co-authored book with Brian Tracy, operating always in an efficient and helpful way."

Liz Jones
Ethical investor and business advisor


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