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We Help You Become Recognized as the 'Go-To' Expert in Your Field and Grow Your Business Fast

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Who is the brain behind this?

Dr. Shahab Anari is a multiple best-selling author, professional speaker, and certified business coach with an expertise in Personal Branding.

During the past 20 years, he has held more than 500 seminars and trainings on the topics of personal and business development and has coached and trained more than 35,000 ambitious people in both one-on-one and group settings.  His books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), and also a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). He was selected as one of America’s Premier Experts™ in 2015 and was featured as a Master of Success in the Wall Street Journal in 2016.

Featured on the Wall Street Journal as a Master of Success

The Thought Leader Revolution Podcast: "Shahab is the Persian Tony Robbins."

Co-author with Brian Tracy of the Best-Seller "Ignite Your Life"

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Build A Celebrity Personal Brand and Monetize Your Expertise

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Are you looking for a step-by-step formula that will help you build a strong personal brand and monetize your expertise? If you have expert knowledge and skills and you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, getting more clients and making more impact, you can sign up for our in-person courses or apply to get one-to-one coaching from us.

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We hold multiple events and seminars on various topics of personal and business development throughout the year where we serve the large audience we have built over the years. 

Now you can use this wonderful asset to get yourself in front of a professional crowd and take your brand to the next level by speaking on our stages. This is an exclusive opportunity, accessible ONLY through application.

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Build Your Celebrity Personal Brand: Become a Co-Author of Dr. Shahab's Next Book


Dr. Shahab is a multiple international best-selling author whose books have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. He has more than 100k followers on social media and is a well-known expert in his field. 

You can rise head and shoulders above the crowd and eliminate your competition by becoming a co-author of his next book. This is an exclusive opportunity, accessible ONLY through application.

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Ignite Your Life

So you wish to escape the humdrum and enjoy higher visibility, success and status in your field. You have noted that many are trapped in a vicious cycle of life and mindset, making no real progress. However, you wish to be different. 

Fire is synonymous with heat and light, so the phrase Ignite Your Life connects your desire to move from darkness and anonymity to becoming recognizable and significant. It is this state that the PremierExperts(r) in this book have attained. They have achieved different levels of visibility and success in their chosen fields. As you read this book, you will note that they all come from diverse and unique backgrounds, confirming that success is not set aside for any particular individual or group and is not limited to any particular subject. 

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North Star Success Planner

  • Stop Overwhelm over Your To-Do List
  • Increase Your Focus.
  • Manage Your Time like the Top 1%
  • Boost Your Productivity

Daily planning, weekly planning, monthly planning, and prioritizing like a pro based on the latest research and the author's extensive experience in the field of High Performance. Separate pages for daily planning, weekly preview and review, and monthly preview and review. Also includes affirmations and exercises based on the principles of professional coaching so that you can be in command of your day.

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FREE VIDEO: Build a Strong Personal Brand that Gets You Clients in 3 Steps

Simple Time-Tested 3-Step System We've Taught 3500+ Business Owners That Will Get You Results FAST


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