How to Get Clients: Story of me Putting People First

Dec 26, 2019

So many of you dear friends and followers may know me as an expert in the area of business coaching and specifically personal branding. But most of you might not know that I started off twenty-one years ago as a language instructor.

Back then, I was really focused on communicating my expertise to my students and teaching them the best way possible, and using the most up-to-date methods and methodologies in training and teaching, so that the outcome would be great learning for my students, and honestly, I was successful, but I wasn't among the top one percent of language instructors in my area of expertise. I wasn't that popular and widely known and nationwide expert that I aspired to be.

And when I explored why that was not the case, why this hadn't happened for me back then; I realized that the top one percent of instructors were those who not only had the knowledge and expertise, but also created this kind of person to person connection with their students and followers.

So these...

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Be YOU to Grow Your Business

Dec 26, 2019

Today my friends, I'm going to tell you how bringing your personality to life at work can actually BOOST your business.

Many years ago I was a language instructor, and I was doing well as a language instructor and a test prep coach who was helping students prepare themselves for the university entrance exam back home in my country, and I was doing pretty well.

I was among the top choices for my audience, but I wasn't exactly number one. I wasn't THE MOST POPULAR and THE NUMBER ONE test prep coach in my area of expertise and although I had really good knowledge about language in general and specifically in teaching language as a foreign language - we call it "EFL" English as a foreign language - I had taken courses, I was really experienced in that regard; Just like I said, I wasn't the number one choice for my audience.

I wasn't the most popular choice for my audience, and I began to observe what those people who were the number ones (either in my area or in other areas) were doing...

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Why You Should Get an Office

Dec 23, 2019

Dear friends, when I first started my business in Canada, I started working out of my basement.

So, I thought I don't have the means and the budget right now to rent an office. Why not stay home and work from home?

And that was what I did, and on top of that, I really bought into the idea of digital marketing in a sense that everything can be done digitally with a laptop. So, I saw all of these people with their laptops on their lap, sitting at the beach, making millions of dollars and, you know, there were so many of them that I somehow got convinced that this can be done! This is real!

So, not only was I working out of the basement of my home, on my own all day, all week all month, all year (especially in the first year) but I, also, was spending too much time on digital marketing, doing my website right, putting out a lot of content on social media, and I'm not telling you that I didn't get ANY result or return on that. I DID get that, but the point I'm trying to make is that I...

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The Best Way to Get Clients (And 4 reasons why you aren’t doing it!)

Dec 16, 2019

In a recent coaching session; my client told me: "Shahab! Business is so unpredictable! Last month, I signed up a lot of new clients, but this month, business is down; nobody is pulling the trigger!" I inquired about what he had done in terms of prospecting during the past three months. He then gave me a blank stare. It quickly became evident that he had done a lot of prospecting three to four months back which had resulted in him getting a lot of new leads and he had a rich last month but he had stopped prospecting as an excuse to serve those leads and clients, and that was why his pipeline was dry now.

I then shared with him the concept of "The 30 day rule in prospecting". This is a concept that I first learned from Jeb Blount, the author of the book "Fanatical Prospecting". In that book, Jeb says that any prospecting that you do in B to B, and high-ticket B to C sales reveals its results in the next three months. So even if you have a full pipeline right now; you have a lot of...

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Scary 1-Day Seminar Story

Dec 16, 2019

Years ago, I was a language instructor, and I was teaching my students EFL (English as a foreign language).

I used to work at educational complexes around the city, and I was earning a decent income. I was pretty popular with my students and everything was fine. It was really normal, nothing fancy. I wasn't a big name in my field, and I wasn't really well-known. I wasn't really charging premium fees. I didn't have a very strong brand. I was just someone who was doing a good job as an EFL instructor.

But at one point I was among the very first few people who thought of the idea of doing crash courses for high school students who wanted to enter university around my area of EFL. So, I did, at first, one month crash courses to prepare my students for the university entrance exams, and then I ventured into one day seminars! One day crash course seminars for my students, to get them ready, and prepare them for the university entrance exams.

And, at first people objected to this idea!...

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The Interesting Story of My Wife’s Lab

Dec 10, 2019

The Interesting Story of My Wife’s Lab

Many years ago, my wife and one of her colleagues, who both held a PHD in Immunology, decided that they wanted to start a business. They were university professors at the time, but they just wanted to start their own business as well. So that was why we joined forces. I invested a bit of money and we started a medical diagnostic lab (individually owned, not a franchise). We actually purchased the unit and the building. We did some interior design, we bought the equipment, we hired staff, we started advertising and we opened the doors to public.

But the first year we didn't see really good financial rewards. People weren't coming in, and we didn't get that many clients, customers and patients in the lab and we were scratching our heads why!

You know, obviously, the environment, the interior of the lab was really phenomenal. We had done a wonderful job and it was very welcoming and very polished and high end. The equipment was great, the...

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How to Become an Influencer

Nov 28, 2019

How to become an influencer?

Over the past few years, we have heard a lot about influencers, the people who inspire their audience. They have influence over their audience, and their audience listens to them, so these influencers can ask their audience to take action, follow their orders and even buy from them.

So many people aspire to become influencers, but how can we do that? In my experience, there are three ways to become an influencer.

The FIRST way which the fake influencer way is actually buy a lot of fake followers, likes and comments on social media and fake our way into being a fake social media influencer! Obviously, you know that around the world there are a lot of companies that SELL fake followers. A thousand, ten thousand or even a million followers for a certain amount of money. You pay the price, you get the followers. So, YES, you can BUY your followers and buy your way into becoming an influencer but obviously, it's a fake influencer and it's not going to have...

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How To Get a lot of Followers and Clients Fast

Nov 11, 2019

How to get a lot of followers and clients really fast?

The BEST way to get a lot of followers and clients really fast, is to make a BIG NEW PROMISE that you can deliver on. Let me explain this a bit to you. The normal way of getting more clients and attracting more followers and growing your business, is to get good at sales by using psychological triggers and implementing them in your sales conversation. So, for example, you can use peer pressure and urgency and scarcity and fear and so on and so forth to make your audience take the necessary action. There is nothing wrong with that. These are psychological triggers that have proven to be effective over time and they work! They just work! I'm not telling you to leave those psychological triggers aside and subscribe to a new idea. I'm telling you that these strategies WORK, but the problem with them is that your audience will get familiar with these tactics and strategies over time and they will stop working at some point! And at...

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How bad do you want it?

Oct 31, 2019

How bad do you want it?

I've met so many business owners who INTELLECTUALLY know what needs to be done in order to go to the next level. They logically know what they need to do in order to be more successful. They are even emotionally invested too. But for some reason they are not taking the necessary actions and they are scratching their heads why, and I'm telling you, it always goes back to the key question: How bad do you want it?

Because it's always a choice! And the choices go back to the same key question:  How bad do you want it?  You know, there is always a choice between sleeping in till noon on weekends and waking up early to study and grow professionally. There is always a choice between going home early and making that extra phone call/going to that extra appointment. There is always a choice between giving up early and being resilient/staying in the game. There is always a choice between nagging, whining and complaining, and doing something that is...

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Two Powerful Ways to Make People Buy

Oct 31, 2019

There are TWO ways to make somebody follow your orders and take a specific action.

 For example, in your business; you might want your audience to follow you on social media; to download something from your website, or to even buy a product and service from you. How can you do that? The FIRST option is to pressure them and the SECOND option is to inspire them.

Let me explain a bit. The FIRST choice is to pressure them using psychological triggers. For example you can use FEAR to make that person take a specific action. You can tell them: "If you act by midnight, you can get access to this and this, but if you act past midnight, you will be left out!" or you can use URGENCY as a trigger. You can say: "There are only FIVE spots left! Are you in or out?" or you can use other triggers such as peer pressure. You can tell them "Everybody else in your market is buying the same thing, how about you?" of course there are tons of other psychological triggers to use to manipulate someone...

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