How To Get a lot of Followers and Clients Fast

Nov 11, 2019

How to get a lot of followers and clients really fast?

The BEST way to get a lot of followers and clients really fast, is to make a BIG NEW PROMISE that you can deliver on. Let me explain this a bit to you. The normal way of getting more clients and attracting more followers and growing your business, is to get good at sales by using psychological triggers and implementing them in your sales conversation. So, for example, you can use peer pressure and urgency and scarcity and fear and so on and so forth to make your audience take the necessary action. There is nothing wrong with that. These are psychological triggers that have proven to be effective over time and they work! They just work! I'm not telling you to leave those psychological triggers aside and subscribe to a new idea. I'm telling you that these strategies WORK, but the problem with them is that your audience will get familiar with these tactics and strategies over time and they will stop working at some point! And at...

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How bad do you want it?

Oct 31, 2019

How bad do you want it?

I've met so many business owners who INTELLECTUALLY know what needs to be done in order to go to the next level. They logically know what they need to do in order to be more successful. They are even emotionally invested too. But for some reason they are not taking the necessary actions and they are scratching their heads why, and I'm telling you, it always goes back to the key question: How bad do you want it?

Because it's always a choice! And the choices go back to the same key question:  How bad do you want it?  You know, there is always a choice between sleeping in till noon on weekends and waking up early to study and grow professionally. There is always a choice between going home early and making that extra phone call/going to that extra appointment. There is always a choice between giving up early and being resilient/staying in the game. There is always a choice between nagging, whining and complaining, and doing something that is...

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Two Powerful Ways to Make People Buy

Oct 31, 2019

There are TWO ways to make somebody follow your orders and take a specific action.

 For example, in your business; you might want your audience to follow you on social media; to download something from your website, or to even buy a product and service from you. How can you do that? The FIRST option is to pressure them and the SECOND option is to inspire them.

Let me explain a bit. The FIRST choice is to pressure them using psychological triggers. For example you can use FEAR to make that person take a specific action. You can tell them: "If you act by midnight, you can get access to this and this, but if you act past midnight, you will be left out!" or you can use URGENCY as a trigger. You can say: "There are only FIVE spots left! Are you in or out?" or you can use other triggers such as peer pressure. You can tell them "Everybody else in your market is buying the same thing, how about you?" of course there are tons of other psychological triggers to use to manipulate someone...

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The ONE action to get clients TODAY

Oct 27, 2019

What's ONE action that can help you get more clients TODAY?

That action is ask. What do I mean by ask? I mean asking your audience to follow you on social media, asking your audience for business, asking them for introductions, for referrals, asking them to download something from your website, asking them to join your newsletter, ask, ask, ask, ask!

So, the main reason why sales people do not ask their audience to do something do not call their audience to action (CTA: call to action) is their fear of rejection. They fear what happens if the prospect says no, what happens if the audience don't comment, don't like, don't share their blog; what happens if they get rejected. What if they hang up on them? What if they are not interested in their offer and their business?

So, if we get rid of these what ifs and negative thoughts and these limiting beliefs and actually MAKE ourselves take the action, take the initiative and ASK for something to be done, just like I said, ask for the...

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High-Tickets Sales: email, text, phone or meeting?

Oct 27, 2019

E-mail, text message, phone call or in person meeting?

Which one to choose if you want to close more deals?

So statistically, when you're selling high-ticket items, getting face to face with the potential customer yields you more results. So in person meetings are better than phone calls, phone calls are better than text messages and text messages are better than emails, so don't hide behind your emails and text messages, but get in front of your potential clients or at least call them on the phone and discuss your item, your offer, your product and service with them.

Obviously, this is relevant to the last stage of the customer's journey. You know that the customers go through three different stages in their sales journey: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Awareness is where they first become aware of you and your product and service. Consideration is where they engage with your message, and they become interested. Conversion is where they actually convert into a paying...

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How to stand out in a market that's already saturated

Oct 27, 2019

How can you stand out in a market that's already saturated?

 Although there is no clear-cut answer and one-size-fits-all solution for this type of problem,

 I'm going to share with you FOUR strategies where you can use YOU as a PERSON in order to create distinction in the market, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

 The FIRST strategy is to use your life story. Consider Anita Moorjani, the best-selling author. She was a lady that went into a coma because of her cancer, and then arose from the coma, safe and sound! And now she uses that incredible life story to teach people about self-love. Also think about Grant Cardone, the famous sales expert, who always talks about his addiction when he was young, and how he overcame that addiction and rebuilt his life and created tremendous success for himself. So, in your case, what is it in your life story that sets you apart from the rest? Maybe it's an experience, maybe you have a certain background, maybe you...

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Why You Have Problems Getting Clients

Oct 21, 2019

What are the two main reasons why business professionals are NOT getting good results from their marketing and sales?

 Lots of business owners come to me and ask for my advice. They tell me: “nobody is picking up the phone these days, online marketing is dead, Email marketing is dead, I have problem asking for the business in my sales conversation, I don't think I can produce good quality videos for my online marketing.” and they come up with all different kinds of excuses why marketing and sales is not for them, and they are not getting enough results from their activities.

 And the major reasons why they're not getting good results, in my opinion, are these two reasons:

 The first one is that they are not educated in proper branding marketing and sales.

 It's simple. They have not taken enough training. They are not being coached. They're not studying enough. They are not focusing on educating themselves on these topics, so that they know what's...

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The Best Way to Handle a Sales Objection

Oct 17, 2019

What's the best way to handle an objection in a sales conversation?

 I think the best way to handle an objection is to actually prevent the objection from happening in the first place rather than allow it to happen and then try to overcome it.

 And why is that important?

 Because I think psychologically when the prospect objects to the idea of your product and service then It will make it more difficult for you to overcome that objection because psychologically the prospect wants to be consistent with their decision and when they have decided that your product and service is NOT the best option for them they want to be consistent with that decision and they keep objecting to your ideas.

 I'm not saying that it’s impossible to overcome an objection. I'm just saying that when they come up with an objection, it makes it extremely difficult for you to overcome the problem.

So what needs to be done?

 So the best way to handle an objection is to actually...

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A Big Downside of Personal Branding

Oct 17, 2019

What's one potential downside of creating a strong personal brand?

Well, that is the fact that people will judge you!

And why does that happen?

That happens because, as a strong personal brand, you're standing up for something. You're taking sides. You’re saying that: this is right and that is wrong! I approve this and I condemn that! and that's part of the process! That’s part of the game of personal branding. You need to stand for something. You need to take sides. You need to say that I approve this, and I don't approve that and when you do that and when you decide not to drown in the sea of sameness and you decide to make a distinction in the market and differentiate yourself from the others then people will notice that and people will pay attention, and some people will be on your side and some others won't! And that's a good sign! Maybe I've called it a downside in the title of this video but in essence, that's a very good sign that you're being noticed, that...

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How to Use Social Media to Get Clients

Oct 13, 2019

How to use social media to get clients and increase your business

Well, I can go into tons and tons of details about how to do social media marketing, but the brief answer to this question is: "Educate your audience!"

If you educate your audience, if you post valuable content on your social media pages, if you give your audience valuable information, they will instantly see you as the expert in your field, and if you do that cleverly, your content and your information will seamlessly tie into your offers. And by that I mean educate your audience, give them valuable information in a way that the only reasonable choice for your audience, would be to get your product and service.

So, educate your audience, solve their problems, give answers to their questions, get them closer to their goals and do that cleverly, so that your education, your content will lead into the obvious choice of  them getting your offer and buying your product and service.

My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and if...

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