How To Get a lot of Followers and Clients Fast

Nov 11, 2019

How to get a lot of followers and clients really fast?

The BEST way to get a lot of followers and clients really fast, is to make a BIG NEW PROMISE that you can deliver on. Let me explain this a bit to you. The normal way of getting more clients and attracting more followers and growing your business, is to get good at sales by using psychological triggers and implementing them in your sales conversation. So, for example, you can use peer pressure and urgency and scarcity and fear and so on and so forth to make your audience take the necessary action. There is nothing wrong with that. These are psychological triggers that have proven to be effective over time and they work! They just work! I'm not telling you to leave those psychological triggers aside and subscribe to a new idea. I'm telling you that these strategies WORK, but the problem with them is that your audience will get familiar with these tactics and strategies over time and they will stop working at some point! And at that point, you need to add more triggers and more bonuses and give more discounts which is cutting your margins and it's actually a chase to the bottom

What's the alternative? The alternative is to make a NEW BOLD PROMISE that you can deliver on! Let me give you examples: For example, when Domino's Pizza first entered the market they said: "we will deliver hot fresh pizza to your door in thirty minutes or less, or it's free!" That's a new bold promise! And that's why they could snatch a huge share of the market! Another example: when apple introduced iPod and iTunes and wanted to disrupt the music industry, CDs had maybe ten tracks on them (on average). DVDs had a few hundred tracks on them but apple said: “you can have all the music in the world that you like, in your pocket!” Now that's a new bold promise and when you make that new bold promise you have to make sure you can deliver on it, because if you're just making a fake promise, eventually people will find out and it will get you nowhere.

So, my question to you is: Are you just using psychological triggers in your sales conversation? To make a few bucks, (And of course there is nothing wrong with that but it's NOT a long term strategy) or can you think of a new bold promise that you can deliver on? Can you say something really innovative? Can you introduce something really new in your services, in your products, in your offers that almost nobody else is using, nobody else is saying? And can you make that big bold promise and make sure you can deliver on it? Make sure you can give an outstanding service to your audience so that they will keep telling their connections, their contacts their family members and friends to connect with you and buy from you.

My name is Dr. Shahab Anari and if you want to become the go-to expert in your field, if you want to monetize your expertise, please contact me at

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