How to Sell Anything: The PAS Formula

Mar 16, 2019

 It’s Dr Shahab Anari, co-author with Brian Tracy of the best-selling book “Ignite Your Life”. And today I am going to talk about the three-step process that you can use in your own business to sell your products and services very fast and efficiently.

Long years ago when I first started in my own business, I had created the best products possible for me at that time, and I was offering the best services that I could. But I was always struggling how I can present them to my audience. What is the proper way of convincing the audience to take action and actually buy from me?

And throughout the years I learned the three-step process that many sales professionals have been using successfully, which is called the PAS formula and not only that, my students and clients who are mainly in the professional services have been using this formula very efficiently and effectively in their businesses. So now let’s talk about the PAS formula in sales.

This three-step process is PAS. P stands for Problem. A for Agitation. And S for Solution. So basically you present the problem first to make the audience aware of their problem or to remind them that they have such a problem. Then A, Agitation, you agitate them emotionally so that they become encouraged to take action and actually buy. And the S, you present the Solution. Your solution. Your product and service that they can use in order to reach their goals and solve their problems.

Now let me give you an example here. Let’s talk about time management for a second. Listen to the presentation that I make here and listen for the formula, the PAS, the three-part formula that I am using to present my time management product.

Are you struggling with time management? Do you have a never-ending To-Do list that gets carried over from one day to the next, to the next? Relax. If you come to my time management mastery seminar, I am going to reveal to you my six-top time management tips that will help you solve the problems with time management and add ten more hours to your work week.

Ok. Let’s stop here. Let’s go back to the presentation and to the three parts of the PAS formula. First, the P, Problem. “Do you have problems with time management? Are you struggling with time management?” That’s the P. That’s the Problem. Then I said “do you have a never ending To-Do list that gets carried over from one day to the next, to the next? Are you overwhelmed with your To-Do list?” That’s the Agitate part. That’s where you agitate your audience, your prospect, your to-be-client and customer, emotionally, so that they get encouraged and they get convinced to take action. And then I said “Relax. If you come to my time management mastery seminar, I am going to reveal to you my six-top time management tips that will help you solve your time management problem and add ten hours to your work week.” That’s the S. That’s the Solution part. So this three step formula, the PAS formula, “Problem, Agitate, Solution” works perfectly well it doesn’t matter whether you are selling a service, or a product, or which industry you are in. It is just psychology of sales.

Now it’s your turn. I urge you that you take some time and work on this wonderful, amazing PAS formula. Think of the problems your audience are experiencing right now. Think of how you can agitate their problem for them emotionally and then present your solution. And this can be at your sales presentation in person, it could be online, it could be in your copy writing. You can use it on your website. You can use it in presenting on stage. You can use it anywhere for any purposes. Just psychology of sales and you can use it effectively.

Ignite your life and grow your business!

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