How can writing a book help my business?

Jul 29, 2020

Books can be tremendous assets to build your brand and grow your business. But don't ever think that writing books is reserved for coaches, consultants, speakers, or trainers! No! Anybody who has expert knowledge, wisdom or expertise and they want to grow their brand and their business, can benefit from writing a book.

Let me give you an example. Most recently, we published this book for a few of our clients. This is a multi-authored book “Challenge to Triumph” and it features the success story of five business people. Now, one of them is a dentist. How can a book like this benefit a dentist? In three different ways: It gives them credibility, it creates differentiation, and it opens new doors and possibilities for them.

Let me explain. When this dentist’s patients come to his office, they see copies of this book on the table! This creates credibility and trust. This creates differentiation and it makes him stand out from the other dentists out there and it opens up new doors and possibilities. If he wants to do a corporate deal with a big organization so that he can offer his services to their employees and staff, just suppose if he slides a copy of this book across the table from the decision maker! Again, it gives him credibility and differentiation and it opens up new doors and possibilities and over time the other dentists may notice that he has been featured in a book, and he has this credibility and differentiation, and they may want to hire him to speak or coach, consult, or mentor them.

So again, books are tremendous assets to build your brand and grow your business. Think about it: how can you use a book as a tool in your business?



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