Who can become a successful thought leader?

Jul 22, 2020

You may see people like me, coaches, consultants, or subject matter experts who produce seminars and webinars, write books, and create coaching programs who monetize their expertise, and you may wonder: "I can do that! I have certain knowledge, expertise, and story that can help people. I can do that! But am I a great fit?" Who can become a successful speaker, thought leader, influencer, a coach, or a consultant?

In my 20-something years of experience in three different countries, I can tell you that anybody who wants to inspire and teach people to lead better lives can do this can be part of this industry and can be successful in it. It doesn't matter whether you have a doctorate or a university degree or not it

It doesn't matter whether you're 20 years old, or you're entering this field after 30 years of corporate experience. It doesn't matter whether you have the skill set yet or not. What matters though, is whether deep down inside yourself you sense this mission, you sense this feeling that:” I want to help people! I want to inspire people to lead a better life, and I want to do this as a career! I want to make money doing this! And if your answer is: "yes! I want to do this as a career; I want to help and inspire people to lead better lives!" then this is for you!

Let me give you a personal example. I've been in this field for 20-something years. When I first started, I was just a university student. I was a kid! Most of my audience were older than I was, but I started because I had the experience. I had the knowledge. I actually had the story of overcoming a challenge, an academic challenge, and by using that story and that skill set and that knowledge, I was able to teach and inspire my audience which at the time were high school students, and after so many years, now that I'm helping entrepreneurs build their brands and make more impact, I'm doing the same thing. I'm using my life story, the lessons that I've learned along the way, the knowledge and the information that I've acquired along the way. I'm packaging it and helping my audience who are going through the same challenge.

So these are people who represents my past. They are people who want to build their brands, and who want to be more successful, make more money and impact more people, but they don't know how to start. They don't know how to make this happen and I'm inspiring them and teaching them to do the same.

So it doesn't matter whether your story or your knowledge or your experience is the same as me! But I'm sure that you have some knowledge, some experience or some life story. You have learned some lessons in your life along the way that can help a group of people, and if deep down inside yourself you feel that:" I want to inspire people! I want to teach people! I want to help people lead a better life!” then you can be part of this industry; you can be a successful speaker, coach, consultant, or in general a thought leader.


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