Coaching by Dr. Shahab Anari

Shahab is a certified professional coach who sits on the board of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Toronto chapter.

One-to-One Coaching

Dr. Shahab can help you if:

  • you are stuck, lost, or confused and need help to achieve more clarity in your decisions
  • you need a custom program where Dr. Shahab can guide you at every step of your marketing and sales funnel
  • you want Dr. Shahab to be by your side to give you actionable tasks and hold you accountable to achieve your desired success

Dr. Shahab's coaching packages start at $2,000 + HST per month (minimum 3-month commitment). HOWEVER, before you commit to a long-term investment, you can book just ONE coaching session with Dr. Shahab so that both sides can make sure this is a good fit.

Currently, we have a limited-time offer for you:

  • One 45-min 'Pick Shahab's Brain' session over Zoom 
  • Bonus: Free access to our VIP Facebook group
  • Bonus: Introduction to potential clients or business partners from our inner circle

Value: priceless

You pay: Just $500

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"Shahab is an excellent, insightful and inspiring business coach. A consumate professional, he is constantly looking out for the best outcome for his clients, providing quality, and always in an atmosphere of complete respect and consideration. I would highly recommend Shahab to anyone sending to take their business to the next level."

Gisele McDiarmid
Relationship Coach

"Shahab's energy and passion for coaching are a driver in helping entrepreneurs succeed. As an entrepreneur, I am so involved in the day to day of my business that I lost perspective and the sight of the bigger picture. Shahab is great at refocusing you and has plenty of tools to help you prioritize and focus on what's crucial to the success of your business."

Anne Flamant
Marketing Expert

"Shahab is an excellent coach. I learned so much about myself and my thought processes. I believe that I was able to learn so much about myself because Shahab actively listens to me, even quoting some things that I said in previous sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with you. Thank you Shahab for working with me."

Dennison Harcharan
Finance Manager at Tropicana Community Services

"Attending Shahab's personal branding course in Westmount Academy was really one of my best experiences ever. Shahab helped me to recognize lots of issues I had regarding promoting my personal and business brands and expanding my business, especially on the online marketing sides. His methodology helped to solve most of the main issues I faced during the establishment of my business. As a result, I've found remarkable confidence and now I know how to expand my business properly. Thank you Shahab..... "

Nima Mokhtarzadeh
Founder of Coromark

"My business grew by 250% in the 6 months I worked with Shahab."

Moe Asgarian
Realtor, Broker

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