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Grow Your Business as a Subject Matter Expert

FREE SEMINAR: Build Your Brand without Waiting 10 Years

In this seminar, the speakers will share with you OPPORTUNITIES that are available to YOU for personal branding such as:

1. Building a world-class visual identity (video content, professional photo, website, etc.) in JUST 3 DAYS!

2. Publishing your (guaranteed) best-selling book in JUST 4 MONTHS!

3. Public speaking and sharing the stage with business leaders and celebrities in 2020

4. Being featured in prestigious media outlets such as Toronto Star, Financial Post, etc. in 2020

Yes, all of these are available to YOU. And the speakers will tell you how.

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Personal Brand Mastery Conference

Learn from influencers and business leaders how to build your brand and grow your business.

And network with 400 business owners and investors in the audience.

Keynote Speaker: Bruce Croxon (Dragon's Den Star Investor)

To learn more about this conference, click here.

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