The WWWH Formula in Sales Presentation

Feb 08, 2019

What does “W W W H” stand for? It’s “WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW”.

Hi! It’s Dr. Shahab Anari, co-author with Brian Tracy of the best-selling book “Ignite your life” and today, I’m going to talk about the “W W W H” formula for selling low value items.

And this formula walks you and your prospects to a progression of phrases and sentences that help you convince and encourage your prospects to actually be persuaded and buy.

Let me give you an example. Let’s suppose that I’m selling my latest book “XYZ”. The way I use “WWWH” formula to sell my book is something like this:

Hi, my name is Dr Shahab Anari, co-author with Brian Tracy of best-selling book "Ignite your life”. That’s the first W, WHO.

“And today I’m offering you a free copy of my latest book XYZ”. That’s the second W, WHAT.

And why am I doing this? Because I love this book so much and so many people in my audience love it so much that I thought I should buy a copy for you and give it to you for free so that you can see for yourself  how much value and enjoyment it will bring you. That’s the third W, WHY.

And how you can access to it? You just need to click on the button below this video, you will be directed to a page, where you will filling you information. I have bought the book for you, but you just need to take care of the shipping and handling so that I will not lose my shirt. And I will ship it to you worldwide, anywhere in the world where you live. And that’s the H. That’s the HOW.

So think of it as the progression, “WHO, WHAT,WHY, HOW.

Now it’s your turn. If you have a product or service that is less than a hundred dollars, you can use the formula “WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW”. And if you use it, you can actually encourage and convince your prospects in a systematic way to take action and actually buy your offer.

Ignite your life and grow your business!

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